Google and Amazon to uplift BlackBerry

BlackBerry, which was once the titan of mobile market, has been experiencing tough time for last several years. It’s dropping its market-grip year by year. According to’s statistical findings, BlackBerry had 10.9% global market share in 2007.

On peak of its fame, BB was recorded with 19.9% market share. But as iPhone and Android seized most part of market by the end of Q4 2012, RIM’s BlackBerry had presence only with 3.2% share.   Here are’s data for BlackBerry’s global market share from 2007 to 2013.

However, BlackBerry deserves what it is seeing nowadays. Its idiotic decisions have put in this catastrophe. Now its mistakes are making it learn. The annoying one for users was to pay a fee to access servers in BlackBerry. Asking to pay extra fee for something that others are offering for free is no point of logic. Now, it has just got rid of it. A prefect move to go a huge step forward.
It learned too late then made its much-adored BlackBerry Messenger to be accessed on other mobile platforms.  The move received warm welcome but didn’t work. RIM could have awarded huge potential by opening BBM to whole new market but now it’s too late. People have other better messenger like WhatsApp. Its popularity drove Facebook to purchase it for $19 billion. Such big amount for a tiny messenger surprised the whole mobile market. The story of RIM would have been something else if it could take bold decisions as Facebook took.
But, BlackBerry’s fortune seems changing now. Good decisions by the company make people feel good too. This time, it has adopted Amazon’s Android app store as another source of apps. It did same a little earlier when set support for Android apps. Devices under the BB10 OS are now able to run Android apps too.
Before RIM enabled Android app support in its device, it was about to break. App’s wealth is everything. No apps, no smartness, and no future of a platform. We saw cold war between iPhone and Android. We also saw that Android did too much struggle to outnumber Apple’s app store. And then it won and added one more feather to its crown for its victory over Apple. Now Google Play has more apps than the Apple’s iOS app store.

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