Google debuted on the Apple Watch by enhancing “Google New and Weather” iOS app’s support to it.

At present the Apple Watch has good ecosystem of third party apps. It debuted just in April and today it has more than 3,500 apps available for users. Big tech companies like Instagram, Evernote, Twitter and several others have also announced that they will soon enhance support from their iOS apps to the Watch. But the one biggest name of the industry was still absent. Yes, it’s Google. The company didn’t have any app for the Watch until recently but things changed on 12May when Google updated its iOS’ “Google News and Weather” app and enhanced its support to the Watch.

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However, it is not as exciting as users will get a Google Maps version for the Apple Watch but this step clears that Google will not ignore Apple Watch because it’s also in smart watch market. It seems Google may also bring other products on the Apple Watch. It will also encourage other iOS app developers who have good apps but have not enhanced their support to the Apple Watch. Also, many iOS app developers have added “the Apple watch app development” service to their service chart.
Before launching the News and Weather app for iOS in last fall, Google made it available to Android users. It shows news summery from 65,000 publications around the world. It lets users to swipe through headlines from the screen of the watch.

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