Google Glass & Augmented Reality

Tech companies always succeed when they do something different. Sony did it with Walkman and then with PlayStation. Apple did more impressive thing when it released iPod; a simple yet powerful device to store and play thousands of songs. There was a time when RIM was the only king in the global smartphone domain. Soon people lived the era of Windows powered phones that was later succeeded by iPhone and now Google Android runs on almost 50 percent smart phones worldwide.
Innovating technologies made earlier inventions worthless. Cell phones, for example, made beeper irrelevant. Nokia had monopoly in world mobile phone industry once. People have also seen that how desktop, with support of some external hardware like webcam and headset, allowed them to enjoy hour-long voice and video chatting sessions with friends anywhere in the world and how handheld devices removed the use of desktops and other hardware to do the same thing. Advancing technologies made such things happened that were considered unfeasible one or two decades back.
So, tech companies have been changing the world, replacing prior technologies with new ones. Now Google, the search engine giant, is again going to revolutionize the world of computer, mobile and web with its breathtaking project Glass. Google Glass is an augmented reality project that has potentials to eliminate the need of most of the devices people can’t live without. Augmented reality is still a futuristic technology but Google’s Glass is an initiation and of course a strong step in this direction.
Many people still do not know what augmented reality (AR) is. AR is live (direct / indirect) view of physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. Augmented reality can do magical things like you can see a cat in your hand while seeing it through smart-phone’s screen.
Google’s Glass, an Augmented Reality project, may be tens of steps ahead that of others have so for tried to offer. The Project Glass is a pair of augmented reality glasses that would provide instantaneous information to the user in front of their eyes; probably on the lens of glass. It is still a concept but as per the video launched by Google, the protagonist wearing Google Glass receives real time information for weather and transit when needed. The video also showed how easily the protagonist finds the location of friends nearby.
Glass seems to be terribly cool gadget in the demo video but the reality of Google Glass would take a very long time in coming out.

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