The Google I/O 2015 Highlights

The latest Google I/O Conference 2015 held between 28 and 29 May. Here are the major highlights of that summit.


  • Android M preview is available now. If you are a developer, you can try it today. In the recently held I/O conference, Google announced that Android M will be available later this year. It’s more like a reorganization of Android, with power optimization, new services, and changes to how your apps interact


  • The traditional way of app permission is going to be changed with Android M. With the new app permission way, users will no longer be asked for approving permissions during the time of installing an app. Instead, Google will ask you to approve app permissions whenever it’s called up by developer. This helps users to look up everything the app is trying to access.


  • Now Chrome will be available in all your apps. Google has announced Chrome Custom Tabs that looks like an in-app Chrome browser to make loading pages faster by pre-loading certain element such as passwords and auto-fills.
  • The new OS will also be available with better battery life and support for USB-C. The company has introduced a new feature called Doze. This feature is based on motion activity and detects whether device is in use or not. If a device is not active (motion-wise) for a longer period, it goes into deeper sleep and ultimately saves battery life. They have also performed a test on Nexus 9 with this feature and found that the device lasted up two times longer in standby mode. USB Type-C will also be supported on Android.
  • Now we will experience a smarter Google Now. With new OS Google now comes incorporated across the phone through a program called Now on Tap.
  • Google Photos, the revamped app of the already available photo tool for Android will be able to back up limitless number of photos and videos for free; however, resolution of photo is limited to 16MP and of video up to 1080p. Users will be able to organize them as a timeline, and group them together by locations, things like “beaches” or “boats,” and people — using what purports to be some pretty advanced auto-tagging.
  • Google Maps has gone offline. Users can save maps of locations before starting their journey. Also the chrome browser will be available offline for developing  countries.
  • Android Wear to get more polishing. Google has also added some powerful new apps to Android Wear platform. Android Wear keeps the screen of a smart watch always on that means the apps running in the system will be always-on as well.
  • Google hopes to manage your smartphone home with Project Brillo (an OS) and Weave (A communication system)
  • Android Pay – this is going to be Google’s answer to Apple Pay. It appears to be second chance for Google Wallet service. More details will come out soon.
  • HBO Now, the online streaming-only services for watching movies and series will soon be available to Android devices.

HBO now

  • Google Cardboard is going to get bigger sizes as phones are getting bigger with each passing year. They are bringing an iPhone-compatible cardboard soon.

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