Google To Make Website And App Passwords Managing Simpler


Is it hard for you to remember passwords for mails, social media and other online website and app accounts ?Do you often forget them and then reset every time logging in an account?If it’s the case, here comes Google’s help to free you from the burden of remembering passwords.

The password manager Dashlane has recently partnered with Google on a project that will aid Android users to securely store their passwords to their apps/websites and easily log in without any need of remembering them.
Project is dubbed as Open Yolo – you only login once. It will also involve other companies making password managers which also automatically create, store and apply passwords for websites and apps.
Many websites and apps just do not let you enter without logging-in to them.And if you have multiple accounts, it’s just tough to recall them all.Also they aren’t fail-safe too.Of course there are a lot of other securer login methods like fingerprints, and iris scanning but they are still fancy and available only in high-end devices.So the best solution of this time is – integrate a password manager directly into websites and apps you log in.
But there are a lot of password managers such as Dashlane, Roboform, LastPass and 1Password and they all do the same thing.Often time users are confused about which one they should use.But Open Yolo will be the single more seamless login process regardless of which password managers you use.
Leading password managers like LastPass, 1Password, LassPass, Keeper and KeePass are either participating in the project or have strong interest expressed.One ideal password manager for this purpose is Smart Lock, a Google’s own tool that lets you get right down to work (or play) without needing to remember passwords and security codes.When opening apps and website, the app automatically applies your username and password to related accounts.
For now Open Yolo is available as an Open API that allows app developers to support various password managers. App developers making password managers can contribute their technology and expertise to enhance and develop the API.
“The big picture is to make password managers more proactive and more transparent, which means it will be seamlessly available every time you need it,” the Dashlane’s spokeswoman said. “This project is the first big step towards making security simple and accessible for every user, on every device, she added”
Let’s see how beneficial a password manager app is really proved because for now, users still do not have full faith on the reliability of such apps.  But as Google is providing supports to build a better password manager technology that would obtain password from all available leading password managers and apply the credentials to related websites and apps.

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