Google to release new tool-set for Android Game Developers

Google, at its Developers Day in Game Developers Conference, introduced a new set of tools for gaming applications. This will help Android application developers building games. The tool-set will let them understand their users, improve in-app purchases and target advertising.


Analyze your game detailed manner

Android game developers would be able to discover what users are doing in a game as it is vital for the further optimization of the game. Named as Player Analytics, the tool-set will give a perfect idea of user-behavior. Reports on how users are processing through a game and in-app purchase habits can be determined through this tool-set. With this dedicated analytics-data, Android game developers will be able to set revenue-targets and can also learn what changes or tweaks can make their games better.
Google will provide Player Analytics through Google Play Developer Console in next couple of weeks.

 It’s all about money, money and money.

For any game, monetization decides its survival. Google’s AdMob already offers smart tools for advertisements. With this particular one, they have releases 3 more: Native Ads, House Ads, and Audience Builder.
The new tool-set will help developer have prediction about users who can go for in-app purchases. Here House Ads will turn out to be a great tool of whole set, allowing developers showing targeted text and display ads.
Another part of the tool-set is Audience Builder that will help Android game developers customize user-experience so that in-app purchases can be optimized accordingly. Developers would be able to optimize experience based on habits of users. With data provided by these tools, developers can create and customize different paths for different users. This level of customization and optimization will provide users more personalized experienced which will ultimately result in increment in revenue.
The biggest thing that bothers gamers is interruption caused by ads. However, even new tool-set will not remove the advertisement-interruptions, Google is on the way to beta-test a system that will help developers putting ads in a game. Here Native Ads part of the tool-set will let developers incorporate ads more seamlessly into games. Developers will also be able to tailor ads to fit game’s design in order to deliver better user-experience.

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  1. Google’s own Android SDK is equipped with all the tools and software to help developers, then whats the use of this new tool set? good blog,very much informative.keep continue with this type of blogs. awaiting for your next blog. all the very best.

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