Google solves the battery issues with Android devices.

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Google recently launched the Android L Developer Preview  at its developer conference held between June 25 and 26. Google has just launched it but some tinkerers have already put the new OS to the test. They are testing different improvements in the new OS to see whether these Google’s initiatives work in practice or not. ran a battery test to see whether or not Google’s new battery sever initiatives are really practical and discovered that Nexus 5, with the Android L, lasted for 471 minutes while with KitKat, it lasted for only 345 minutes. They saw the battery back-up improvement of more than 2 hours that is really a surprise for us.
With each new release of the OS, Google picks the weak area of Android and workouts on it to fix related issues. They did the similar through the Project Butter during the launch of Jelly Bean and through the Project Svelte during the launch of Kitket. The Project Butter was aimed at making Android UI animation run at 60 fps. Kitkat’s Project Svelte was aimed at getting the OS running on only 512 MB of Ram. Now they have Android L’s Project Volta which is aimed at boosting the battery life of Android smartphones and tablets. 
Google has added a host of new features to Android L. Most of them are backend enhancements, which were really desired by both end-users and Android developers.  Another improvement is Battery Historian. As a battery stat tracker, it will add great power-tracking capabilities to the devices running Android L. With Better battery analytics Google will now have deep insights of all that is using the power.
It seems Google has really made a difference in extending the battery life for the devices that will run on Android L. Developers have just tested the developer preview; however, by the time the final version of Android L comes, it could be much better.
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