Is Google Triggering A Smartphone War Through Android One?

Google is all set to launch Android One in India soon. In an event to be held on September 15, Google is expected to introduce Android One to developing world markets. Phones running Android One would be cheap in price then of those running regular Android OS versions. These phones may cost $115-165 and of course they won’t be seen US or European markets.


This new initiative of Google – Android One – is going to take care next billions users. They are those who have limited/tight budget for buying a high-end Android smartphone. They are still carrying something from BlackBerry, Nokia, or a local OEM. Google wants to convert this market for Android and for this reason, it has partnered with Indian mobile manufacturers – Micromax, Spice and Karbonn. By partnering with these companies, it could be assured that devices manufactured by them, will be running Android in (Android One) their low-end devices.
With Android One, Google is looking for enhancing Android’s market in India and converting non-Android users in Android-users. On the flip side, with this launch Android, Google would trigger a smartphone war between local OEMs (Micromax, Spice, Karbonn) and big OEMs (Samsung, LG and Sony). For now these big brands are selling their phones in India with very thin profit margin.
Samsung has already begun to lose its market share in India, China and many other developing nations. Local companies in these nations are capable enough to sell smartphones ay super-cheap prices. Xiaomi, for example, surprised the whole world by becoming one among world’s top 5 mobile sellers. In India, Micromax is near to defeat Samsung in market share.
By launching Android One, Google wants to position Android on the top, either the Android powered devices are sold by a big company like Samsung or by a local company like Micromax.

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