Google’s Apps Spotted To Perform Better On iOS Than Android

google apps iphone

google apps iphone
Google has a range of its own apps such as Gmail, Google+, Google Search, YouTube, Inbox, Calendar, Gboard, and lots of others. But few of them have been spotted to perform better on iOS. People owning iPhone and other iOS devices have experienced that some Android apps like Gboard, Search tool, Motion Still and Hangouts do look and perform better in iOS than Android. They are saying that Android developers behind these apps are giving their best to impress iPhone and iPad users.
Here I will give you 4 examples of Google’s iOS apps found to be better than their Android counterparts:


gboardIt’s a keyboard application for iOS devices. There are other third party-keyboards and most of them feel buggy but, Gboard works perfectly, without any glitches, although the app doesn’t support dictation due to Apple’s restrictions. Apple still doesn’t let user set third-party keyboards as the default but this restriction doesn’t also restrict third party keyboards to work perfectly.

 Google Search!

google searchThe Google search app on Android isn’t satisfactory. A lot of users have complained that things searched via this app do not get stored to browser and once users close it, information is lost. But when the same app is used on iOS, every search is stored in a history of cards which can be scrolled vertically and checked later.

Motion Still

motion stillAnother app to perform better on iOS is Motion Still. iPhone users seem to be pleased with it and are taking advantages of camera of their device to create short movies or Gifs which can be shared in messaging apps. The app can capture movies which can be put in vertical scroll like Instagram.


hangoutThis chat app by Google appears to be more consistent on iOS in comparison of Android. Users aren’t much excited with the design and frequently changing buttons on Android. But on the other hand, the app on iOS is used to share directly to a person in chat right inside the pop-up share sheet.

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