Google’s GO Goes ready for Android application development.

The programming language GO, which Google has coined for increasing developer’s productivity, is now officially ready to be used for Android application development. New capabilities are seen in the new version 1.4 released this week. Of course the most prominent capability is to have official support for Android application development.  For now it can be used to write simple Android apps using the support in the core and repository libraries. At this point, however, support-libraries are not rich enough and going through heavy development, and of course early developers can experience a bumpy ride, but yes the language Go is ready to get engaged in Android application development.

The GO will make Android application development simpler. The APIs in the language are designed for things like drawing on screen, handling touch-events and producing sounds which appear to be good solutions for building various sorts of games.
Android will also help grow GO. It’s going to be an interesting thing that the more the developments with Go take place, the more this language be developed. It’ll much like be Java grew in the early days.
Apart from being used in Android application development, the version 1.4 of Google’s language Go also enhances the collection of garbage. Also it features support of ARM processors especially on native client cross-platform application development technologies as well as for AMD64 on Plan 9. The next releases of the language will exhibit a fully concurrent collector.
Although, Google introduced the language in 2009 but it began to get its adherents lately. As said by experts of the field, the growth of adoption is still at healthy pace and future of this language seems to be brighter.

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