Google’s guide to perfectly process an Android application Development

Mobile application development is of courses a lucrative business these days. Developers, non-developers, individuals and businesses; all want to try their hand at mobile application development business. Success of apps such as Candy Crush and Flappy Bird has also inspired a lot of people initiating their own mobile application development projects.
As trend is growing, a lot of venues have been launched to help people learn how code is created but as it seems, Google too has decided to release an official  guide on Android application development. However, it not a real guide to help you learn programming of Android guide,  instead it teaches Android developers how they should publish their apps on Google Play, how they can build quality apps and how to keep their project adhering to Google guidelines and policies.
It also helps developers learn the ways to monetize an app, make it more engaging, retain-able, discover-able or reachable and many others things.
This guide a great help for Android application development experts who want to discover the best way of creating a successful Android app. The guide also mentions the best of the ways to initiate an Android mobile application development project.
It’s an 80-page guide available in PDF format on Android Developer Blog. Apart from soft copy format, Google also has few hard copies that they are happy to send mobile developers in UK and US. Hurry up if you are an Android application developer and living in US or UK. Good only has few copies available.

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