Google’s new algorithm change to affect websites have not been optimized to mobile

Google is making some vital changes in its algorithm that can affect mobile site results. These changes will take place on 21st April. They are aimed at promoting mobile friendly websites.
A mobile friendly website is one that shows up with different layouts depending on the orientation of browser or mobile. So if your websites is not optimized to mobile platforms, you are among those who are going get this bump. Maybe you experience a sudden drop in traffic coming from mobile devices to your website.
With rising use of mobile technologies, more people are accessing web through devices like smartphone and tablets. This step from Google is going to be a reward for those web administrators who already have mobile version of their websites available. As of a study conducted by Pure Oxygen Labs in2013, two-third of the Fortune 100 companies was not ready for the change in mobile search.
Nearly 44% websites of Fortune 500 business have not so far been optimized to mobile platforms that mean mobile is still rendering desktop website versions to end users.
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What Is “Mobile Friendly” And How Does It Influence SEO
As we keep hearing that mobile device usages are surpassing PC usages that mean if your company still doesn’t have a mobile optimized website, Google’s algorithm change is really going to be a big disadvantage.
A pure mobile website is one that renders different layouts when approached by mobile users. Here responsive design really makes a difference as it adjusts the appearance of web pages according to the size of browser-screens. A website based on responsive design automatically scales contents on page to the size of browser window.
Testing your website is mobile friendly or not
It’s now easier to test a website whether it is mobile friendly or not through Mobile Friendly Test  provided by Google. Another very basic way is to shrink the browser window horizontally or vertically and see the site is responsive. An un-optimized website will often result in cut off text, menus and various other elements.
What is risk to Fortune 500 companies
Google has already documented a website’s SEO penalty of not being mobile friendly and suggested to fix the problem areas. On the other hand, it can be argued that because Fortune 500 companies have strong brand positioning, they do not need to care about fitting their website to search engine pages. However, even if companies show no interest in optimizing their websites to be mobile friendly, but they will certainly need to do this due to dramatic shift of web users towards mobile devices.
In testing of 20 companies for the same cause, it was found that not all of them were optimized to mobile platforms
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