Grocery shopping app development: The features that make up a grocery app

grocery app development

One of the key advantages of mobility has been quick internet connectivity in almost no time. You think of a query, grab your smartphone, input the information in the search bar and it’s done. Your smartphone will deliver you tons of results. Mobile app development technology makes it further simple. It allows making dedicated apps for dedicated purposes. We need reserving seats in a restaurant. An app will let you do it in a matter of minutes. Forget about standing in long-queues for a movie ticket. Forget about that embarrassment of window-shopping and visiting store to store to find an item of your choice and then buy nothing because it was not available there.
grocery app development

grocery app

Apps are making life easier of all – whether we are a customer or a business-owner. For customers, apps are the handiest channel or medium to get information, buy online and even safely send-receive money to one-another.  For business, apps are the medium of growing their business, getting more customers and adding more weight to revenue.
Grocery stores are one of the businesses which have recently gone mobile. They have learned how widely they can operate and how large revenue they can generate once they go online. A grocery store with an app or an app-based grocery store certainly has advantages over those who are still operating physically.
The key advantage is reach. No one likes to drive their car for several hours to visit a grocery store. In results, your store has few customers. But an app puts a store and of course your brands right in the pocket of customers. All a grocery store has to do is — create prompt delivery channel which can deliver the ordered items within the said limits of time.
A grocery shopping app development may sound easy but it’s not. It requires a store or its app-consultant to perform pains-taking research & analysis of its business model before launching the app. First learn about features that will give your app an edge over competitors.

Shopping Lists

A grocery shopping app lets your customers easily make list of all items they want to purchase. No need of a pen. No paper is required. It lets them easily find items and add these items to their lists. The list can also be saved so that customers would not need to make a new list when ordering the same items in future. Many apps include barcode scanner, email sharing, and list updating.  Also, a list can be shared with other family members who can edit it to add or remove items.

Grocery Coupons

Many leading grocery apps have grocery coupons available in different forms. They provide these coupons in both digital and paper forms. These coupons have codes which are part of discount programs and seasonal, weekly and daily sales.
Grocery apps providing relevant coupons based on customers’ history of shopping or the current shopping list can help them in family budgeting.  Some apps like Grocery IQ have association with Now when users add something, the app alerts them if there are coupons available to print or load to their grocery-store loyalty cards. Consider adding this feature in your grocery shopping app development.

Barcode Scanners

Mobile lacks in space-related real-estate. There is no big screen available. And touch-screen based input method is tedious for long operations. It doesn’t give a pleasant feel to users. That’s why no users want to use touch-screen devices in tasks where they are required to input too much of information because it’s not convenient at all. This is one big disadvantage of touch-screen mobility.
Unfortunately it applies on every single task in which users need to provide information. Creating grocery list in smartphone devices may, in some way, be tiring. May be this particular weak spot can deter users to not use grocery app in full flow.
But this situation can be handled with pretty smart technology known as barcode. We have seen that almost all packaged-products are now coming printed with barcodes on them. These barcodes can carry a lot of information; from product name to price, to date of manufacturing, to batch number, to expiry data to anything that manufacturers want to put in them.
With a barcode-scanner-enabled grocery app, customers are always in calm while they make list of items. It’s almost effortless to add items just by scanning their barcodes. For many customers, it may be a fun to make list via scanning items. Some grocery apps now have this barcode scanning feature.

Tracking of Expenditures

Many users want to have an overview of the current spending. They feel happy when the overview is presented with info-graphics which indicate the key area of spending and then recommend a strategy to cut down any over-spending. Interestingly, customers too want to use this sort of features and thus they prefer a grocery app which will have ability of tracking the expenditures.

Grocery Delivery

Many grocery shopping apps are also now delivering purchased item at the doorstep of customers. This sort of grocery apps generally have demand in urban areas where people are tied to fix work-schedules and thus they do not have enough time to go for shopping of groceries.
Other features to be added to grocery app are as follows:

  • Ordering tracking ability
  • Shopping list reminders
  • Recipe books
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Author: Vivek Verma


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