Growths of Google Play and Android app development had been faster than Apple’s in 2014.

Google’s Android continues to surprise us all. New data released by appFigures suggest that last year, Android’s world grew in all dimensions. For the first time, Google Play also surpassed Apple for having more new apps as well as the growth rate of Android app development community also exceeded Apple for the first time. Most of these developments were seen after the first half of the year.
growth google android developer
There has been visible growth in Android app development too. However, all three major app stores grew to 50% in 2014, but Google Plays’ growth had been much commendable. Here are statistics.


Now Google Play has more apps than any store. Recently it had 1.43 million apps while in same period, there were 2.21 million apps on App store. Third was Amazon with 293,000 apps. However, there are other things that affect the sizes of stores of Google and Apple. Apple has a strict policy to let an app be lived while Google’s app approval process is rather straight. Google has no problem in publishing an app that adheres to its terms and services and does not distribute any sort of malware.

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