Hey businesses, be ready to face challenges while migrating from desktop to mobile.

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Smartphones have been perfected to fit any sort of task, even to many business computing operations too. Apps, without which a mobile is just a container, have created enough buzz over the world. Now everyone wants apps. Apps have also shadowed desktop software. For every computing action, mobile app developers have either created apps or are thinking to do one.
But it’s not easier for any mobile app developer to transform desktop software in a mobile app. It’s not copying/pasting or porting activity. Despite that, most of the successful apps are based on agile methodology.
Whether you are adding a new mobile app in your business software suite or migrating  existing desktop software to mobile, there are certain challenges you will face throughout the execution of such mobile app development project:

Creation of mobile applications

Smartphones have penetrated everywhere, even to non-mobile sectors of industries. Unlike desktop that requires users to have basic training, mobile devices are such simpler as even a 5 years old child can operate it without any training. While adding mobile platforms to a business’ software suite, the desktop software to be migrated should be processed in a way so that it can fit mobile users, even to those who are less  tech-savvy, less-mobility-savvy.

Migrating your business processes to the mobile environment

When a desktop business website / platform  is customized/optimized/migrated  as mobile app, the biggest challenge is to devise multiple versions of an app that delivers same functionality on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc. It’s really a tough challenge for any mobile app developer.

Availability of better and powerful devices

Smartphones are as powerful as PC. They are performance-oriented and letting people executing their work even when they are on the go. They do it through apps that are created only for mobile platforms. Now if desktop applications are simply migrated to mobile platforms, there will be no productivity, no performance.
A mobile app developer migrating the existing desktop to mobile app software or creating new mobile app, must be aware of how mobile devices work, how navigation in mobile devices is handled, an what mobile experience excite users to engage themselves with an app for long time. Even if it’s driven from desktop, a mobile app should always be agile and flexible.

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