Hey businesses! You just can’t ignore Android now.

Isn’t it true that entire world is using Android smartphones? Figures say 85% smartphones shipped in last two quarters of 2014 were running the Android OS in. Google’s Android has made smartphones in access of everyone. The license-free mobile OS allows any company to make cheap smartphones and offer these devices for as less as $100.  That doesn’t mean there are no high-end Android powered devices. The Android smartphone world is all about variety. Decide the budget and you are ready to go for smart mobility.

You just can’t ignore me! 

Android smartphones are also outnumbering the desktop market. Reports say that the number of smartphones in use is about to pass the number of PCs. And we know that which mobile OS has the largest global share. Yes, it’s only the Android. The functionalities of Android smartphones have almost made desktops dispensable for general computing. PC market is now in shadow, constantly fearing whether there would be an end of the era of desktop computing. But, relax PC makers, owners and sellers. Smartphones or tables powered by Android cannot handle every task as flawlessly as desktop. An Android smartphone is doubtlessly a good device when it comes to light computing that does not require too many inputs from keyboards or mouse but for power desktop users, it’s still not ready. There is enough time when they will have powers like a Windows or Mac OS desktops. But future is mobile, and we all know who is nowadays ruling the world of mobile.
Smartphones and tablets have already captured entertainment and gaming genres. Today, we have more mobile-based entertainment & gaming apps than desktop based ones. Smartphones are also good for a task like computing on-the-go. They can easily play the role of pocket-PC. They are feature-rich devices, can perfectly help those executives of field who are required showing up on-requirement information to clients. Before a client buys a product or service, the field executive can easily access company’s business intelligence system and satisfy the customer with the best suitable answers.
Android smartphones, regardless of their makes, are offering a completely new frontier for accessing the web and creating communication. Businesses can easily buy cheap Android powered tablets for their executives and load them with cutting-edge smart mobility.
An Android powered mobile phone or tablet has a number of features that are useful for businesses. It supports sending/receiving mail, searches web, shares images, audio & video, supports geo-location, and so on. Together with these features, app developers can easily design such apps that are specific to internal and external operations of a business.
Mobility has come a long way since its inception. Earlier mobile phones were merely used for talk and sending messages. A few people were using mobile phones to access the web before Android and iPhone. Now a people are more using smartphones to access regular web services than desktops or laptops. A CNN.com’s article recently shared “Mobile apps overtake PC Internet usage in U.S”.
Now we try to conclude that why Android has become a preferred platform for business app development. The only reason is that Android has captured most of the market share. It is powering about largest share of smartphone market and experts from data research firms are expecting this share will further rise in future ahead. So if you business need a wide reach over the world, consider Android app development as an integral part of its IT strategy.

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