Hey Developers! Here are the ways to create great mobile games.

What it takes to develop a really cool mobile game? The answer for this question is simpler than we think – there is in fact no universal rule or recipe to make a great mobile gaming app. No one can actually predict that what kind of mobile game hits the top lists of Google Play or App Store. But it does not mean that there is no clue to make winning game.
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The best way to make an interesting game is that you first analyze those games which are already doing well. We can begin this with analyzing following:
Games – a world of imagination
When you create a game, you actually create a world of imagination. Games offer users an unusual, unique involvement in a world where they can do such things that are impossible in real life. We cannot fly, magic, drive a space ship in real life, but we can do all these activities in a gaming application. So with brilliant idea, you also need an appropriate implementation in terms of graphics, speed, music, actions and physics.
Story for game characters
Telling story about the characters really makes an effect on users. Even simplest games with story about the protagonists have many times higher chances than those without any story. Angry Birds, for example, has a story in which pigs stole an egg of birds. The whole game is all about punishing the evil pigs for their act of stealing the eggs and thus birds are angry on pigs.
Game progress and users’ motivation
Most users get time to play game only when they are taking short journey such as from office to home, etc. That’s why each level of game must be created to end up not more than in 2-3 minutes. Popular games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, etc. just required 2-3 three minutes of time to complete a level.
Balance between awarding and punishment
Don’t make the game needlessly complex or set punishment as they all distract users. You need to keep a good balance between rewarding and punishing users for their game actions. Too many rewards will make users soon become bored while too many punishments will distract them.
Add social media features to share game progress
Let users show that they are playing a game and leveling up too. Adding these features will also help you easily promote your game on the social sites. You can choose Facebook and Twitter like sites to allow users sharing their game progress to their friends.
These pointers will certainly be helpful when it comes to creating game mobile application development.

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