Hey iPhone users! Do you feel jealous because of these super cool features of Android Lollipop?

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Google unveils Android 5.0, officially named it as Lollipop.

Google announced Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 yesterday. Along with these announcements, Google has also officially named Android “L” as Android Lollipop. Now we can officially call it Android 5.0 Lollipop. Read More @ http://www.gsmarena.com/ 
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Now Android users will have more ways to make iPhone users feel jealous. In the latest I/O conference, Google revealed that there will soon be another Android version called Android L_______. I have left a fill in the blank after the L because no one knows what exactly L stands for. Google has been using names of desserts to name different Android versions and going alphabetically after its Android Alpha and android Beta versions. (Google has now announced officially that Android L will be Android Lollipop, Updated on 16 October 2014.) The third version name was Cupcake. Then we saw Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Ginger Bread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and the current one, KitKat.

Now would the next version be Lollipop? Would it be Android Lima Bean? Maybe, it’s not because the Bean word had already been with Jelly Bean. What else is left? Maybe, it’s Android LimonCello? Whatever it is but we can easily guess that the next version will be named after dessert, candy, drink or something that can be eaten or drunk.
Updated on 16 October 2014.
But, what’s in name. As said “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, name is just a name. Names haven’t been a reason behind making Android such popular. Name is just an identity, not the whole intelligence. This intelligence has been further innovated by Google adding more things to its next Android OS. Let us learn about 10 super cool features that the Android L will have, and of course these features can make iPhone users feel jealous.

The new OS is Material Design overhaul that Google is presenting with several aesthetic tweaks. These tweaks make the Android Lollipop more interactive and visually pleasing.

1. A big part of Material Design is dedicated to the way colors are portrayed. The new color palette highlights shades and tints. These new things make interface elements more interactive

2. The Android Lollipop’s app icons are purely geometric shapes. Adding geometry to design icons makes them popping and appear more symmetrical.

3. Now icons, when being tapped, will not sink down. Instead they will rise up.

4. Just check this screen shot of Gmail app showing the Compose button popping. The action button floats and makes big difference in apps all through Android Lollipop.

5. The native apps are able to show a bit animation when you tap on the screen. Here is an example.

6. Transitions will be smoother in Android Lollipop.

7. Shaded/tinted colors and animation in Android will let you know what is important. In this example, the buttons of music player are emphasized.

8 . Now interface will look the same across all devices. The design language and app icon is going to be the same across desktop and mobile.

9. Now Android developers can easily add vibrant colors with higher contrast to apps. Users can now expect apps with bolder and brighter colors throughout Android Lollipop.
10. Google added new Nested Scrolling feature to its new OS. It’ll let recent calls fade away when user scrolls within the contacts apps. 

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