How to hire a mobile application developer

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Indeed your company is missing a lot of opportunities if it still doesn’t have a mobile app. An app for smartphones and tablets can be a fresh way of generating revenue. These tiny programs are becoming a vital part of our day-to-day routine. A good example is that more than 120 million smart device users in US use a shopping or retail app at least once a month.
How to hire a mobile application developer
If you too want a mobile app that allows customers to buy or access, review and explore your products & services, hiring an experienced mobile application developer will be a great move. But before you hire a mobile application developer, you must have answers for following questions:

What are example of mobile apps you have developed so far?

A qualify mobile app developer is supposed to be eager to let you know all the examples that fully or partially relate to your requirements. They never hesitate in telling that whether they fully developed a particular app or played a major role in the project.

I need the list of your present and prior clients.

When you ask from a mobile application developer about the lists of present and prior clients, the true and skilled one never excuses that it’s the matter of confidentiality and that’s why it cannot be shared. An experienced company will itself offer you list of all the works it has done. You can directly talk to clients who have got their apps built from the candidate you are going to hire.

What are the smartphones you and your team member use?

This is a must asked question. If a mobile application developer team you are going to hire is not familiar with the mobile platform you want to an app for, then how they can live up to your expectations? A team using Android phones cannot match your quality standards required in an iPhone app development and vice versa.

What will be the mode of monetization?

If your app is totally aimed at monetization, the the mobile application developer you are going to hire must be able to suggest best of the monetization-ways. There are a lot of monetization methods such as paid, in-app advertisement, in-app purchase, subscription, etc. The developer is supposed to deeply research on other similar apps and discover what method others have gone through and whether a particular method of monetization will make enough money or not.

How will you be able to communicate with developers during the development process? 

The more you are able to interact with development team, the easier you are able to let them know your requirements. When things are going on your way, you can ensure superior quality, and it will happen only when you are able to communicate every detail of your project.  A professional app developer prefers to chat in person or talk via phone or keep you in the loop of entire development process.

Can the developer create special feature your app needs?

An app without any innovation truly doesn’t have any chance of grabbing attention of users. There are hundreds of thousands of apps and if an app doesn’t have anything to stimulate users, they will not use it. If your app requires 3-D graphics, social integration or product coupon element, forget not assessing the capabilities of developer your want to hire.

Who will own the app? 

Usually the owner of the app keeps all right reserved. But you should ask the mobile application developer that who is going to own all the rights. The owner of the app should sign a “copyright assignment” or “work made for hire” contact with the developer company. It’s a highly confidential document mentioning that the you own the app design, code and all its content.

What approach you will go through to test the app?

There are several approaches when it comes to testing the mobile apps. Generally the most practical way to test an app is to run it on the devices it’s made for. Ask your developer to give you thorough explanation of approach followed in  the testing of an apps.

Who will submit my mobile app to app stores? 

Once the app is done, it’s time to submit it to app store. But who will do this? Ask you mobile application developer that who will submit the app once you approve its beta-tested version? App submission is long process. It involves multiple steps before the app is lived. Because the developer has already submitted others apps, it has have better experience than you to fulfill everything required in the submission of an app.

What are your fees and payment terms? 

When a mobile application developer satisfies all your needs and lives up to your expectation, you can proceed with hiring it. But you should decide the fees and terms of payment before confirming a developer. Most developers ask for one-time fee upfront. Some developers require depositing a part for payment in the beginning and rest with progress of the project.

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