Hiring Chatting App Development Company? Ask whether they build app with these features or not

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We are living in the era of the internet and smartphone.Here, chatting apps are gaining immense popularity as they allow us to interact with one another in real-time.Chatting apps have completely replaced traditional text messaging. With advancement in smartphone and mobile app development technologies, chatting apps aren’t merely a medium of messaging but also of sharing other stuffs like pictures, videos and audience. It all happens without paying any extra charge; if your device is connected to the web, only data is consumed.  Also there is no need of waiting – as you send the message or any content, it is can be received by users at other end in the friction of seconds.

These chatting apps do also allow users to make call without paying any additional charge. Chatting / messaging features can also be integrated with business apps which connect employees and executives with each other or to the core system. Chatting / messaging functionality has now become a must have feature in dating apps too.
So whatever the case is, chatting apps aren’t only chatting apps now but they are the social platforms that people connected with other people and also with their business.
Are you planning for chatting app development as a startup or to power you field executive instantly respond to the queries of customers, etc, here are the best of features it is supposed to have:

  • Instant Messaging: Every chatting / messaging app must have instant messaging features. Instant messaging happens in real time.
  • Personal & Group Chats: The app should be capable to allowing one-on-one and group chats. The users should be able to create group and manage it users.
  • Multimedia Content Sharing:  Nowadays users do interact in a number of ways. The want to send text message, capture video / image through chatting app or send to users as well as share pictures, videos and audio files from library of a device and also contact in the contact lits.
  • Emoticons and Stickers:  Sending emotions and stickers make the conversations a bit interactive and these features should also be added to the app.
  • Offline Storage:  The app should have feature of keeping the downloaded content stored unless users himself/ her self deletes them.
  • Voice messaging and calling: Often time users feel bored in typing text message. Due to this reason the app should have voice messaging and calling features.
  • Quick Sign-up: The app should allow users to quick sign-up to account such as by the phone number of user.
  • Security:  The message and other content being transferred to other users should be encrypted and transmitted to secure server.
  • Privacy:  The app should have feature to let users choose whether they want to share their personal information in public or want to keep it personal or visible to chosen friends only.
  • Location Sharing:  This additional feature is found in many apps. It allows users to share his/ her location with family and friends and let them discover your whereabouts.
  • Chat Backup and History:  The app should be able to take backup and keep history of the conversations.
  • User Availability Indication: Check if a person is available to chat or not. Also, check when the person was last seen on the app. The app should allow the users to check whether the user at other end is available or not.
  • Operating System Support:  Trending mobile operating systems are Android, iOS and Windows Phone so a chatting app must the targeted to all of them.

Get a chatting app developed with the most amazing and innovative features of today and become accessible to all your customers through a single medium. Need more info? Send us your query from our Contact us page.

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