How Hotels And Restaurants Can Use Apps To Advance Their Business

Mobile App Development For Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants businesses around the world are now discovering the benefits of relying on smart mobility and apps. They have identified how apps can give a boost to their business. They have also discovered that by introducing an app, they can provide a variety of utility services to potentials customers, otherwise known as guests in the hospitality business. By this blog we will try to assist hotels and restaurants to get prefect app developer that intelligent bring their offerings to mobile platforms.

Businesses in hotel and travel sectors too need a continuous flow of customers to keep going. They generate more revenue when they succeed to attract more customers, even to on-the-go ones. To achieve this, they try both mediums: typical and digital. But now, these businesses have smartphones that produce limitless opportunities for them.

With the customized mobile app development, hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies can power customers easily accessing their services. They have really liked the concept of mobile apps and, now they are hiring mobile app development firms to introduce their services to mobile platforms.

Many hotels and restaurants have also discovered that mobile apps can help them provide their customers with improved means of making reservations. Customers really feel happy when they are able to reserve a room in a hotel or book a table in a restaurant, even for the same day, just via few taps in their mobiles.

Others services that an app for a hotel or restaurant can provide to customers include GPS navigation to guide people for directions, roads, and places along with informing about special offers and other facilities.

Allow me to refer the example of which, through its app with the same name, offers stay-reservation services in thousands of hotels all over the world. The app presents an interactive experience of booking hotel-stays. There are many other companies providing similar services through mobile apps. These sorts of apps provide the following benefits to hotels and restaurants:

  • Apart from offering core services, an app can be used to showcase shopping stores, bars and various other attractions at a particular location.
  • These apps can offers customers/ guests with added information related to areas of interests at a particular location, along with providing ways /directions to reach there, etc.
  • Apps can also provide utility information such as phone number, operations-hours, entrance fee, city culture & festivals, etc.
  • With these apps users can tag their favorite places, give ratings and reviews.
  • A GPS enabled app for hotels & traveling ensures guests to never get lost while travelling between different locations.

All the above mentioned features can be added to yours app too but only when you hire an expert mobile application development team.

When you get an app developed for hotels or restaurants, make sure it provides following information to users:

  • General information
  • Images of interiors and exterior
  • Room availability checker
  • Stay-booking feature
  • discount / offers redemption option
  • Menu of food items
  • Room service
  • Social media community services
  • Review / feedback / star ratings option

A good app, apart from providing internal information of hotels, also provides additional information such as:

  • Archeological monuments
  • Beaches, sightseeing venues, museums etc
  • Restaurants, taverns, bars
  • Local Weather
  • Useful phone numbers (taxi booking, doctors, pharmacies, police etc)

But an app’s success always depends on its development process. Here are is the fundamental approach to be followed when it comes to designing, development, implementation, and marketing of a hospitality or travel app:

Make app available for free.

The very first think to consider is that you make your hospitality/ restaurant/ travel app available completely free. Do not also show up ads and try generating revenue because it’s not your key objective. The main purpose of such an app is to keep customers informed, connected, and offer services.

Use the inner ability of a smartphone

The modern smartphone now comes with loads of features. A smart mobile app development company can exploit these features and devise a unique functionality. Various sensors, multi touch capability, GPS, camera, and the ability of reading bar code / code can be applied to create an app which has the capability to beat competitors.

Keep content updated

Content is always and all the ways the King. There is nothing that stands in its comparison. You have to keep your app’s content fresh and updated. This will add to receiving more inquiries to your services. Content isn’t about the text part only. It includes images, videos and animations.

Make navigation trouble-free and, offerings findable. 

Customers want to quickly do things in an app. So, when they are using an app, they would not want see it freezing or crashing or not delivering the best results out of the search or not having the feature for better filtration.

Always stay innovative 

Mobile app development is evolving quite rapidly. It simply means that you can take risks in terms of implementing new features. Apply the trial and error method and then find the things that deliver the best results.

Do not underestimate promotion 

Customers live in the world of hundreds of sorts of similar products and, they get to know about each of them only when they are informed. This is what we say marketing – the approach to inform people about your products / services. There are many promotions and marketing activities, like on-site signage, social media, advertising, public relations, direct mail and customer service that are applied to build interest around an app and increase the number of downloads.

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