How Hotels And Restaurants Can Use Mobile Apps To Enhance Their Business

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The only aim of businesses in hospitality industry is to keep attracting new customers. They have been trying a number of online approaches but none of them have worked the way they want. Now they have an ultimate tool. It is mobile phone which is capable of providing limitless scopes and opportunities to a business looking for customers.

With customized mobile application development or web application development, customers can easily reach hotels and restaurants. Hospitality industry is discovering the advantages of mobile apps and hiring developers to launch themselves on mobile platforms. Through apps a lot of businesses in hotels and restaurants industries are now able to offer a brand new way of booking reservations to rooms and tables. Mobile apps for booking room reservation at hotels and ordering food online from restaurants certainly make customers happy. Apart from this, apps can offer other utility services like GPS navigation for road and place direction, information about local market and others.
Here are the benefits a hotels & restaurants app:

  • Online booking of rooms and online ordering of food, online payment and tracking of delivery
  • Providing information to customers on areas of interest in a city, ways to reach those locations
  • Showcasing shopping spots, bars, markets and others attraction close the hotels
  • Providing utility information like phone numbers, cultures of city, working hours, entrance free, etc.
  • Helping users tagging place over map getting road direction to reach there.
  • Power customers with GPS so they never get lost in unknown

A hospitality app may provide following information to end user (guest or potential guest)

  • General information (facilities, communication, etc)
  • Photographic material of interiors and interiors of the hotel
  • Booking / discount offers
  • Room availability
  • Hotel / Restaurant menu
  • Room service
  • Social media community services (Facebook, Twitter etc)

Other attractive information the app can provide includes following:

  • Archeological monuments
  • Beaches, sightseeing venues, museums etc
  • Restaurants, taverns, bars
  • Local Weather
  • Useful phone numbers (doctors, pharmacies, police etc)

The five basic approaches they need to follow are as follows:

  • Make it absolutely free.
  •  Productively use the capabilities of smart devices
  •  Fresh content, trouble-free navigation and easily findable things
  • Be innovative, continuously.
  • Promotion works like a lubrication to smoothly run the engine of your online business

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  1. Yes you are right by using restaurant mobile app hotels and restaurant can enhance business and make great list of customers

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