How did Android eat up market shares of other mobile operating systems? (Part 3)

Android continued to grow in 2012 and so did Android application development. It was clear in Q2, 2012 that Google Play would soon surpass Apple in app market too. In June 2012, there were more than 600,000 apps on Google Play which were totaled 20 billion downloads as shared by In the same period, Apple’s App Store had 650,000 apps and 30 billion total downloads


Android had captured 59% market share by the end of Q1, 2012 according to IDC worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, May 24, 2012. It was  a 145.0% of growth as compared to Q1, 2011. In the same period, iOS too captured 23.0% of market share which was 4.4% more in comparison of last year’s 1st quarter’s share. Symbian, which was once on the pinnacle of success, was seeing its wors days with 6.8% of share in global market place. BlackBerry’s share continued to drop and reached at the all time lowest, 6.4% in Q12012 as compared to 13.6 in Q12011. The same happened with Windows Phone OS. It only had 2.2% market share as compared to 2.6 in last year.
“Android continues to fire on all cylinders,” IDC senior research analyst Ramon Llamas said in the report. According to this report, Google Android had surged to a whopping 68% share of worldwide smartphone market by the end of the second quarter. In the same period,  Symbian OS had only 4.4% of the global market share which was 52.4% percent until 2008. In the same quarter, Apple had four times less, 17% of global market share. Apple had begun to lose the battle. It seemed that Apple’s charm was ending.
Android reached to 75% share of global smartphone market in Q3 2012 while Apple only had 14.9 left, and Symbian dropped to 2.3 percent, according to the statistics provided by IDC.
Google said in the last week of October 2012 that it too had 700,000 Android apps. Apple had shared the same number a week before Google’s announcement. Now Google had filled another major gap between Android and iPhone.

2013 shared it in the last of January 2013 that Android captured almost 70% global smartphone market share in 2012, Apple just under 20%. In 2013, legacy operating systems such as Symbian and BlackBerry have been wiped-out. According to Gartner’s findings Android had 74.4% market share by the end of Q1 2013. Android had already captured 75% market share by the end of last quarter of 2012, according to IDC; however Gartner confirmed Android’s hold of 74.4 % at the end of first quarter 2013. In the same period iOS had only 18.2, BlackBerry had only 3.0, Windows Phone had only 2.9 percent and Symbian had only 0.6 percent according to Gartner’s finding for the Q12013.
In Q2 2012, reported “It’s Android world: Platform account for 79% of smartphone shipment in Q2.” The research firm also found that smartphone device makers around the world shipped 178 million Android smartphones in second quarter. In the same quarter Apple’s market share shrank to 14%. However, in this period, company shipped 32 million iPhone devices. Windows Phone’s share improved a bit and reached 3.3%.
By the end of quarter fourth of 2013, both Android and iOS were accounting for 95.7 percent of total smartphone shipments. According to IDC’s report, Android had 78.1% market share while iOS improved a bit and reached 17.6%. Windows Phone’s share also improved and reached 3.0% BlackBerry had a minor share of 0.6%, but Symbian had no mention in the reports of research firms.
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