How Mobile Apps Can Be More Personalized With Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence)

Now experts have started to fuse mobility with artificial intelligence. Many app developers as well as businesses behind the currently available apps are taking  AI as the next level of mobile computing. And it’s the demand of the time. Mobile made communication simple. Smartphone made computing-with-communication simpler and now, AI is gradually coming up to make smart mobility and everything available on smartphone devices simplest. AI is the next innovation in computing…

artificial intelligence

Leading tech companies around the world are showing interests in investing machine learning or  AI enabled mobility. Two excellent examples are from Google and Faraday Future. Google’s acquisition of DeepMind and Faraday’s Future unveiling of self driving superstar car shows that companies are really taking interest in AI technologies. Of course, there interests in anything make a different to the whole world.

The mobility based AI will allow regular users to use the AI enabled technology quite cheaply, such as on their smartphone, via apps or, via syncing apps with gadgets. It would be easier to have own AI enabled digital assistants who will make life of their owners easier by smoothly tackling everyday tasks.

Many companies have even started to apply AI technologies to their mobile apps for several purposes requiring intelligence like humans.

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So what exactly is artificial intelligence?

The concept of artificial intelligence is neither new nor old in fact. It’s here for so long but things were not easier and thus, it could have never been implemented to its most practical form.

Basically, AI is a machine or a computer which has the ability to solve a problem as done by humans. As human solve issues with natural intelligence and by sensing several factors, the technology of AI also aims to do that same.

Although AI is still maturing, it can be implemented for a lot of purposes and can be provided to users in the form of app or technology relies on apps and smartphones.

As of Gartner’s predictions, intelligent apps will top the tech trends for 2017. They are not just digital assistance helping in completing lots of tasks but they are more than this. They will help developers build every category of enterprise apps easier, instead. Gartner also expects that 200 of top companies in the world would implement artificial mobility within next couple of years.

Users are Demanding More Personal Experiences

AI technologies can be used in a number of industries. Starbuck announced to bring in an app dubbed as “My Starbuck Barista”. Users need to tell the app what they want and the app places the order for them. Similar to this, Taco Bell has already brought in TacoBot, which apart from taking orders, does also recommend menus items and provide answers to questions. This is how mobile app developers are infusing AI with their apps for a variety of industries.

Smart mobility has emerged as an ideal platform for AI apps. Smartphones support the high level of customization which lets apps use core software, its capabilities, and hardware to deliver the best results to users.

Now-a-day, AI capabilities are being implemented in a variety of apps. These capabilities make app relevant and personalized. When mobile apps are enabled with AI capabilities, they learn from users themselves, from their behaviors. These apps are able to learn from behavioral patterns of users to deliver better results as well as power them to take better decisions.

Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Home and Microsoft’s Cortana in the arena

We have also heard the success of Alexa.  Of course, it is setting new standards of artificial intelligent. Similar to this, Google has brought in Home, Microsoft brought in Cortana and Samsung to Viv among several others. They all are the best examples of the fusion of mobility with artificial intelligence.

The impact of AI on businesses

We have seen how successfully eBay and Amazon have implemented the technologies of AI within mobile apps. The technologies are advancing and shifting towards consumer demands and artificial intelligence is the next big thing for businesses. Many businesses are nowadays looking for scopes in AI enabled apps.


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