How to choose the right mobile app development platform between Android and iOS?

You are not alone if you are confused between choosing a platform between Android and iOS for your mobile app development. There are several developers who do not know that which one can be the best platform for a specific type of app. Android and iOS are enormously popular among smartphone users all over the world but app developers are confused between choosing one that goes well with their idea.

Choosing a platform to connect with users via app is just not a simple task at all. Most companies concentrate less on platform and more on timeframe, scalability, functionality, business needs during the allocation of the budget. But these factors are not merely the indicators of success. Each platform have pros can cons and thus developing an app for specific one without knowing much about it is not going to work.
Android devices have already outnumbered Apple devices. There are more Android powered smartphones than iPhones. Still most users, who purchased various things online, use iOS platform last year. As of the report from Citrix, iOS has been a largely chosen platform in the business world in 2012. Android only had 35% share for the same. iOS has been recorded as one the most preferred operating systems among companies which interact with their people, partner and prospect one-on-one. On the other hand, Android OS was recorded as the most favorite platform for the development of those business apps that are based on transportation and utilities businesses. Google’s app store has also grown at rapid pace for both download and revenue but iOS is still the leader in yearly revenue.
iOS is continuously dropping its share in US smartphone market. It presently has 31.5% market share but on the other hand, Android devices continue to grow and presently, there are 62% Android powered smartphones in the market of US.  Users have tens of types of choices when it comes to using Android but they have only two choices — iPhone and iPad — if they want to use iOS powered smart mobility.
It has turned out to be difficult to analyze the trends and consumer-behavior of an ecosystem like Android as devices running on this OS are owned by all sorts of users. But it just does not happen when it comes to iOS. It is easy to understand the market trend and consumer-behavior of iOS driven ecosystem because not many choices are available there.
An article of with the title “Android OS Vs. Apple iOS – Which is Better for Developers?” fairly justified that how developers can choose the best of the platforms between iOS and Android for their mobile app development projects.
Here are some important points from that article:

  • Android apps are based on Java where iOS ones are based on Objective-C. Developing an app in Java is much easier than in Objective C
  • Android supports third party development tools to make features rich-apps
  • Apple is pretty restrictive with their developer’s guidelines. Developers have to use fixed set of tools if they want to build apps for iOS platform.
  • It is easy to add multitasking features to an Android app but the same is just difficult to do with iOS apps.
  • Android offers the best of the testing environments for developers whereas Apple’s Xcode lags behind in the same.
  • App approval in Android is quite easier but for same purpose, Apple takes 3-4 in approving the app.

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