How to convert a website into an Android app

converting website into android app

Many people have almost left accessing Facebook and Twitter via their desktops, because they do it using their smartphones. Now think what Facebook and Twitter would have lost if they had neglected mobile and continued with desktops only? Everything? True. In fact, these platforms became globally popular because of their apps. Data shows that. Facebook, for example, had 58 million users until 2007 but when the company launched its mobile presence in 2009, it received a 700% of increase in users just in the period of 2 years. converting website into android app Now put your website in a similar situation. Yes, you too are losing a lot of your fortune if you have not taken mobility seriously. An app, particularly an Android app, will help you involve more clients with your business and, everyone knows: The more you have clients, the more you will have conversions. You need a mobile app because many people now fully depend on their smartphones. Many businesses already have websites and, they want to convert these websites into Android apps. Why Android? Because in comparison to others, it’s easy to play with Android-stuff. So how a business can convert a website into an Android app? Well, this is what we are going to explain in this post. But before you begin converting your website into an Android app, it’s necessary to learn why you should prefer Android over others.

  • Easy portability to target multiple platforms in single run

Android apps are developed using Java programming language. This is one key reason an Android app can easily be ported to other operating systems like Symbian, Ubuntu and BlackBerry. It gives businesses with an opportunity to target multiple platforms in single run.

  • Development tools and technologies are available for free

Android is open source which means Google does not charge any direct fee for letting mobile device manufacturers use Android OS. Also, just like the OS, the company provides every Android app development tool and technology for free. This significantly cuts in the cost of the whole project.

  •  Quick deployment at Play Store

The deployment time to be taken by an app store also plays a role in choosing a platform. The iOS app store takes from weeks to a month when it comes to publishing an app but with Android apps, this time is considerably reduced from a couple of hours to a day or two.  Android perfectly serves the purpose; particularly when a business has to quickly launch an app and go mobile…

  • Development is obstruction free

There is no barrier to building an Android app on a platform of your choice. Whether you have Windows desktop of Mac or you are using Linux system, Google provides Android app development tools and technologies for each and everyone. Also, you have to pay only $25 as a lifetime registration amount whereas iOS, the other competitor in the market, charges $99 as yearly subscription fee.

  • Better customizability

Android is open source and allows for the every customization you want in your app. This enlarges scope on implementing Android app for a variety of app requirements which may or may not be possible with other platforms.

  • Helps in easily reaching the target audience

Android is running in more than 85% of all smartphones and 65% of all tablets used globally. When a business goes mobile with Android app, it opens itself to be reached by one of the largest mobile audience bases. Other platforms like iOS and Windows Phone do not provide similar advantages because apps created for them are exposed to a limited number of people only.

  • Multiple Sales Channels

Apps created for other operating systems are restricted to their own app stores but it’s just not the case with Android apps. An app created for Android platform isn’t limited to the Play store only. If you wish to distribute it privately or through a store other than Google Play, you can simply do that.

Now here is the step by step process to convert a website into an Android application

How does it happen? Well, there are a number of resources available to turn a website into an Android application. Many resources are such helpful as they do not require the support of programmers at all; however, they cannot be applied at converting a complicated website into an app. To have complicated functionality and features in your Android app, the best way is that you hire professional Android app developers because they go with a step by step process of app development which is as follows:
Listing existing and required functionalities of the website – Specialist and consultants list all features that a website presently has and new ones which need to be added.  With listing all these features, it becomes easy to assume what and how an end-product would look like. Note down that the finished app will not look exactly the website as there is a different approach of accessing Android platform. But, it will never lack any of the features and functionality the website has. In fact, it can have more than that.
Estimating the development cost – Professional developers first note down all the required functions and features to be integrated, then measure the complexities during their development and integration and then their sales departments summarize the total cost of the development.
Writing a user story – The development begins with keeping users in a center and then writing a story that how the app will help in solving the problem of these users. This is where the list of features made in the first step helps the project manager to solve the issues with suggested options. Before the coding begins, developers look for the best of options available to attain the required functionality.
Creating UI and UX designs – In the next step, designers create an attractive user interface and engaging user experience that will keep users bounded to your app. Experts graphics designers and UX specialists know that they have to choose the color spectrum similar to that of the website. Also, they will enhance your design with their own inputs.
The app development process – This is the step where developers apply their skills and use Android Studio SDK as well as integrated development environment for coding an app. Apart from that, they use several other technologies for an accurate back-end development when converting a website into a mobile app. This is the ideal process followed when a website is converted into an Android application.

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