iCloud on iOS

With the launch of Apple 4S instead of Apple 5, the CEO also announced the date for the release of iCloud that would enable the iOS users to share and store the content like music files, data files etc over the web connected data centers which are commonly known as cloud.

Users will be able to use cloud services on the iOS 5 which will be released on Oct 12th. iCloud can be used on MAC computers that would be running on OS X Lion and great news for Windows users as well because the same can be synced with Outlook on Windows computers. The data backup can be done automatically from the devices to the cloud which includes photos, messages, videos, songs and much more. One can use the service by registering as a user on Apple and by paying subscription fee according to the storage capacity the user needs. Not only this one can also access saved games from the cloud and at the same time if a user has saved a spot on the cloud, he can start with the same level from some other device.

The success of the service will only be known once it has been released. So all we can do right now is wait for it and hope that nothing goes wrong which delays the launch of iCloud services just like the delay of Apple iPhone 5 occurred due to delayed bubble.

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