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Galaxy S4 has always been the best of the business phones and the latest one in Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S5 also confirms the same because more and more people are adopting it for their day-to-day business needs. But, does it compare to Apple’s iPhone 5s too? The sizes and core operating systems of [...]

The Android smartphone you used to love is now deadly slow. Once it was fast like a rocket but now it kills you. Whatever you want to do in your phone, the response is slow and every day, it’s getting slower.  It seems that the phone is dying with some kind of slow poison. If [...]

Rumors are always surprising but this one that Apple is considering about making an iTunes app for Android platform, can also be shocking for both iOS device users and iPad & iPhone application developers.  So is it really true? Well, if new reports are believed, Apple may launch an iTunes app for Android devices to [...]

Using a smartphone or tablet is now more than a trend. It’s hard to ignore the advantages that a smart device can offer us. In most cases, it can replicate the features, performance and productivity of a laptop or desktop. But there are still many issues that do not allow us to use smartphone or [...]

App stores of both Android and iOS are nearly flooding. Together they have more than 2.27 million apps for smartphones and tablet devices, but not all of them are performing well. Many of them have been striving even for a respectful number of downloads since their launch. Even if developers have spent weeks or months in [...]

One can hardly establish a direct connection between satellite and detecting metal or saving rain-forest, but with smartphones, this is possible too. A smartphone, and with dedicated mobile application development, it’s not difficult to put today’s mobile technology in the center of everything. And thus it’s true that a smartphone can power satellites, become mobile [...]

People really want to use their tablets as laptop. Although these big handheld devices have yet to become perfect, you can still configure them to give place of a laptop. A tablet is rather light in weight, comparatively has longer battery life and almost quicker boot-up as well as most of the times, they are [...]

If you are kind of power Android smartphone user, you may have the desire of rooting your device. Many Android developers root their devices to play around with advanced features of the OS and implementing support for them in their apps. But the question – to root or not to root – keeps confusing ordinary [...]

If mobile developers create their apps with little care or leave the desire of collecting user’s personal information, we will hardly need of an antivirus software implementation in our Android phones. But things can never be this much fair at all. Because bad developers have bad ways to make money and thus the antivirus applications [...]

Even if mobile developers have ensured greater consistency in their apps, these apps keep crashing regardless of platforms. Whether it’s Android powered smartphone or Apple’s iPhone, apps do crash in them. Some devices are complained for crashing apps more than others. On the other hand, some users hardly face app-crash in their devices. Does that [...]