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Galaxy S4 has always been the best of the business phones and the latest one in Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S5 also confirms the same because more and more people are adopting it for their day-to-day business needs. But, does it compare to Apple’s iPhone 5s too? The sizes and core operating systems of [...]

Rumors are always surprising but this one that Apple is considering about making an iTunes app for Android platform, can also be shocking for both iOS device users and iPad & iPhone application developers.  So is it really true? Well, if new reports are believed, Apple may launch an iTunes app for Android devices to [...]

App stores of both Android and iOS are nearly flooding. Together they have more than 2.27 million apps for smartphones and tablet devices, but not all of them are performing well. Many of them have been striving even for a respectful number of downloads since their launch. Even if developers have spent weeks or months in [...]

People really want to use their tablets as laptop. Although these big handheld devices have yet to become perfect, you can still configure them to give place of a laptop. A tablet is rather light in weight, comparatively has longer battery life and almost quicker boot-up as well as most of the times, they are [...]

Mobile apps are redefining healthcare industry. These tiny programs are available for a range of purposes such as patient scheduling, remote patient monitoring, drug reference & information and tens of others. Also, mobile apps have been spotted as greatly useful tool when it comes to monitoring and management of chronic diseases. There are mobile developers [...]

Till now iOS 7 has come up with two versions dubbed as beta 2 and 3. The iOS7 beta 3 went live on 8th July 2013. It’s a revised edition, polished with new look and old metaphors. Though the customization is still strict in its own way. It provides a new way to shuffle through [...]

Samsung, the Korean electronic device manufacturer is nowadays capturing the attention of everyone for its smartphones. Its Galaxy smartphone series has received considerable reputation all over the world. With Galaxy’s success, Samsung also became world’s top mobile seller last year. But story is little different in its homeland. In a recently conducted survey, 44168 people [...]

Yahoo is engaged in buying too many startups these days. Its new acquisition in this series is Qwiki, which is developed by a New York-based video app maker. The deal is reportedly worth up to $50m. Qwiki is an iPhone app that users can use to automatically turn their videos and photos into brief movies [...]

Apple recently unveiled its newest mobile operating systems but for many analysts, it’s just a repackaging. They are not impressed with iOS 7. Apple has just refreshed the basic look and feel in its new mobile operating system, but yet another time, the company disappoints. Beyond the basic menu button, there is nothing advanced in [...]

What about the idea of a gamepad that can hold your  iOS 7 powered iPhone and offer physical game controllers to have more realistic game playing experience? There are rumors that Logitech is working on a gamepad-like device that can hold iPhone. The rumors came from the Kotaku which has recently posted a photo and [...]