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It matters that who is mobilizing your enterprise app. We shared that how a mobile application developer is responsible for making a project successful or unsuccessful. Explore more… Is your iPhone 5S getting slower? Here are ways to make it run faster. We informed our audience how an iPhone device can be sped up. And [...]

Rumors are always surprising but this one that Apple is considering about making an iTunes app for Android platform, can also be shocking for both iOS device users and iPad & iPhone application developers.  So is it really true? Well, if new reports are believed, Apple may launch an iTunes app for Android devices to [...]

Let me help people struggling with slower iPhone 5S devices. I have discovered some top of the ways that help you make your iPhone run faster. Of course these ways have been suggested by expert iPhone application developers. Cleaning the Browser Smartphone browsers do also save cache files like desktop browsers. iPhone 5S has its [...]

Users and iPhone developers know that rumors about a big iPhone have been floating in mobile market since the announcement of first iPhone. The company added a half inch more in display-size as well as the Retina technology when it released iPhone 5 and continued the same with iPhone 5S and 5C too, but according to [...]

Mobile application development technology has gone beyond one’s imagination. It is now matured enough to serve the areas which are totally different from each other. From science to medical, to shopping, to art, mobile apps can be created for almost all the purposes. How about reading poems and poetries in mobile phone? Yes, mobile developers [...]

Even if mobile developers have ensured greater consistency in their apps, these apps keep crashing regardless of platforms. Whether it’s Android powered smartphone or Apple’s iPhone, apps do crash in them. Some devices are complained for crashing apps more than others. On the other hand, some users hardly face app-crash in their devices. Does that [...]

Many Android smartphone users complain that battery in their devices ends before the end of day. This of course turns them off because, no battery, no use of smartphone features. There are complains even for branded smartphones. So what exactly drains the battery of your Android smartphone? Let us try to discover ways to avoid [...]

So your business also needs a mobile application development? If it’s true then you have two ways to get a business application developed. One, you do it on your own; recruit talents, establish setup and systems. But, it’s a lengthy process and probably an expensive choice too. Second way is that you hire a third [...]

iPhone application development and Android application development are doubtlessly two most popular technologies to create an app but HTML5 is also getting an exclusive place in the global community of mobile software developers. A group of developers suggested pretty good reasons to use HTML5 over other technologies. Here are the most popular of them: Coding [...]

Going mobile is the new tech trend and it doesn’t appear to fade-out anytime soon. Today, we have millions of mobile apps, as a result of growing mobile revolution. But not all apps are useful. Experienced mobile application developers know how to build a successful mobile app but new developers are not able to figure [...]