Mobile Application Development

What is Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is on the rise! Here, in this infographics, we are going to share some pretty interesting trends of the technology of augmented reality along with a brief history about how it actually began. 

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The key challenge to come in the way building business apps

Businesses, regardless of what industry they belong to, need apps. Many of them want apps to reach more customers while others to aid their employees delivering more productivity out of routine tasks. Some businesses need apps to….

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The Most Vital Trends in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality are becoming faster, easier, and cheaper. Businesses and organizations can now create virtual reality and augmented reality experiences on smartphones with inexpensive pieces of hardware and custom app developments. Let’s understand the….

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How to Get Users to Test Your New App

So, you’ve concluded a mobile app development and showed the end-product to a close group of friends, family members and coworkers, but you are now stuck in considering how you can arrange more users to test it….

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Best Of The Feature To Be Added To A Yoga App

Are you a yoga instructor and planning to launch a yoga app to extend your reach? Indeed it’s good move because apart from extending your reach, you can also make money from your app. Here, in this….

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The best of the engagement tips making your app climb the ladders of success

Is your app engaging enough so that it can keep users glued to it for hours? No matter what’s your app type and what industry it’s targeted to, its success is decided when it succeeds to content….

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The top advantages of Xamarin mobile app development

Xamarin has emerged as one of the key mobile app development technologies. No developers can ignore it now. Based on Microsoft’s technology stack, Xamarin is a comparatively new technology but it still has a community of more….

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What is the app development lifecycle?

A successful and engaging app which also generates revenue along with productively handling the assigned task is created only when the app development team behind it does understand each of steps of the app development lifecycle.

The process….

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Rapidsoft is running riot in software industry yet again. In this Republic Day season, we Rapidsoft Technologies, a global leader in mobile app development, is offering heavy discounts on mobile application development services.

We have been an expert in….

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Top 6 Mobility Trends To Watch in 2017

When the smartphone era began, many experts predicted it as a revolution in computing. They were all true. Today, we are living in that same revolution and yet, a lot of things have to happen. Smart mobility,….

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