The Actual Benefits of Using Apps in Health, Fitness, and Medical needs

Today, people are health-conscious as never before. To stay fit and get good health, they try whatever comes to them. But, as we know, people have little time in spare. Unfortunately, people were also never such busier….

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Now AR apps of IKEA and Overstock are using Google’s ARCore

We have seen tons of usages of augmented reality technology so far. Business from industries like entertainment, healthcare, retail, marketing, education, military, travel & tourism, automation, manufacturing, and fashion are already using the AR technology. One of….

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How to decide a mobile platform for your first app

The increasing usages of smartphones are also increasing the demand mobile app development. Businesses know that apps can help them add great value to their band, as well as to their offering and customers care services.

But it’s….

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The top trends in iOS app development for 2018

2017 has already been a great year for iOS. Apple brought in two new iPhone devices – iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X – in the market. Also, the company provided major updates on iOS 11. Apple….

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How Push Notifications Can Boost Engagement In Your Mobile

The boom in world’s mobile industry is impressively notable. The same is the case with mobile app development segment, which is dominating every personal and professional thing in our life. Businesses, no matter whatever they do, are keenly interested in mobile….

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What makes chat bots so Important for your business?

Now all of sudden, everyone has started to talk about chat bots. So what is a chat bot? Let’s learn about chat bots in this blog.  

What is a chatbot?

There are two key types of chatbots popular at….

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5 latest tips for designing a successful mobile app

The use of desktop for general computing tasks is gradually decreasing. Of course, smartphone has become the first screen device for regular users. More than 50 percent of the internet users over the world are already using….

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The Best of the Apps you need to have while traveling to Dubai

Are you going to Dubai? But, have you got the travel apps that will make your tour to Dubai easier?If you have not installed any such app, let me present a list of those travel apps which….

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What is geofencing and how does it work?

What is geofencing?  As the term itself suggests, Geofencing is a sort of fencing for mobile devices or RFID tags when they enter or exit the boundaries created virtually by the geo fencing technology. The geo-fencing technology can….

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What is Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is on the rise! Here, in this infographics, we are going to share some pretty interesting trends of the technology of augmented reality along with a brief history about how it actually began. 

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