Mobile Developers

The Most Vital Trends in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality are becoming faster, easier, and cheaper. Businesses and organizations can now create virtual reality and augmented reality experiences on smartphones with inexpensive pieces of hardware and custom app developments. Let’s understand the….

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Do you know about hybrid mobile app development?

Launching a mobile app development is best of the steps a business can take to instantly capture the attention its audience. If users like the app, install, and keep it in their devices, it will stay there….

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Yahoo is certainly going to help mobile developers.

Yahoo has been the one of the earliest companies to fascinate internet users. Of course, Google, Microsoft and Apple have been trying to beat the company but Yahoo still exists.

In the recently held  mobile development conference, Yahoo’s CEO,….

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8 great tips to help mobile developers make user-friendly apps

Regardless of what OS powered mobile devices are heavily trending nowadays, app stores to them all are densely crowded; they even appears to be flooding. Two leading platforms – iOS and Android – now individually have more….

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