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Websites are mostly developed in java, .net and PHP and out of them; PHP is the most popular open source language that designs dynamic web pages nowadays. Initially, full form of PHP was “Personal Home Page” but over the period of time it changed to “Hypertext Pre-processor”.  If you want a complete and purposeful website [...]

The web is dynamic in nature, things change faster than we blink an eye. In the infancy days, internet was static, meaning it didn’t change unless the site owner/administrator changed anything in it. But these days the user generates the content. Blogs, forums, social networks, all are public generated content. All this became possible with [...]

Yes, PHP, the server side language can be Search Engine friendly. Its result can be much more scalable than that of static HTML. But the question is if anyone looks for a SEO friendly PHP solution, will it be a hard nut to crack at all? No, developers don’t need to encounter a lot of [...]

There are several reasons why we prefer PHP Application Development. The main reason behind this is – it takes a short time to launch the application in the market. The sooner the application launches in the market – The greater the competitive benefits and cost efficiency your business deserves. PHP Application Development enables fast implementation [...]

The Post highlights the usage and the advantages of PHP development. PHP development is popular due to several reasons and if you wish know why and what are the advantages of PHP development then the post is a must read. Attractive websites is a need for all the businesses and Companies today who wish to [...]

If we answer in simple words, what is PHP. It’s a scripting language which was designed to produce dynamic web pages much more efficiently. Since it was created in 1995, it has been widely used especially suited for web development. It generally runs on a web server and can be deployed on most of the [...]