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How about solving serious issues through mobile games? Yes, there can be dedicated mobile game development that helps in simplifying learning in schools and colleges as well as behaves like training tool for employees. Mobile game development and learning are rapidly having impact over institutions and organizations. Mobile game based learning has also caught the [...]

Google appears to be quite dedicated to its Google Glass software. It is steadily receiving updates to allow the device wearers do more. The new updates will let users of this head mounted augmented reality device browse internet and control it through voice commands. There are numerous speculations about the privacy of this device, but [...]

Microsoft is soon going to launch the web based version of its streaming music service known as Xbox Music. According to a report by The Verge, Microsoft may launch this service next week. Xbox Music is the rebranding of Microsoft’s previous service Zune. It has been popular as both a digital music store and streaming [...]

Google’s image is hurt and the company is now fighting back for it. Because there is too much secrecy around PRISM (surveillance program), the search engine giant is preparing to file a First Amendment  challenge with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court in Washington, D.C.  According the company, it is getting such kind of data [...]

After lots of speculations, Google has now announced to soon launch its Chromebook computers at the stores of more retailers. Even the most coveted retailers like Walmart and Staples will now sell Google’s Chromebooks. Google posted a blog on Monday to inform that it will shortly make available its Chromebooks to above mentioned retailers. Walmart [...]

It is safe to say the HTC Windows Phone 8X is going to be a real Windows phone. It is the best smartphone running Windows Phone 8 OS so far. It has the processing power, the LET speeds, and it is arresting too. The edgy design amasses the top-of-the-line features of smart mobility.  This may [...]

Most of the popular mobile apps are based on the same set of common characteristics which make them elegant, effective, effortless and enjoyable. On the other hand, non-performing apps also follow some common pitfalls that make them stillborn. Here are the seven deadly sins of mobile design: Screen full of garbage Desiring more power in [...]

The experts say, the market of smartphones applications would grow by more than either timesignificantly in the next three years. As per predictions, The market could grow as much as over 807 percent, to almost $15.65 billion. According to a recent report of Research2 Guidance, 2010, last year’s revenue has reached about $1.94 billion. They [...]

Although the official U.S. launch event is still some hours away, Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system has hit the market, going on sale in a number of countries across the globe. Executives from Microsoft have fanned out to celebrate the launch of the company’s core product upon which the rest of Redmond’s empire has been [...]

Since it was released, T-Mobile’s G1 smartphone, based on Google’s Android OS, has proven to be a solid performer with over one million units sold. Rumors about successors abound, and a new Android phone will probably have been announced by the time you read this. All things considered, it’s been a pretty successful rollout of [...]