The Interesting Figures You Need To Know About Smartphone Trends

smartphone vs world population

Do you know everything about smartphone revolution taking place right now? This blog shares some interesting data, comparisons and updates about the latest trends in smartphone market over the world. Here we go:

Smartphones Vs. World Population

smartphone vs world population
Numbers for mobile trends are quite interesting. They say that there are more than 2 billion smartphone users all over the world. It’s nearly 27 percent of 7.4 billion of world’s current population. It means that 27 out of hundred people do own smartphones.


But it doesn’t mean that there is a fair distribution. It differs from country to country. South Korea is the country in which 88 percent of population owns smartphones while in Uganda, only 4 percent of population do have reach to smartphones so far. Top five developed countries to have largest smartphone user groups (excluding South Korea) are Australia (77%), Israel (74%), United States (72%), Spain (71%) and New Zealand (70%).
On the one hand, South Korea has the largest smartphone user group as mentioned above and on the other hand in North Korea, even a single percent of population do not hold smartphones.

Apps and OS Market Shares

app os market shares
Top leading OSes serving to the 98.9 percent of smart device users all over the world do together have more than 4.2 million apps. Android powers 84.1 percent of smartphones, with hosting 2.2 million apps on Google App Store while Apple’s iOS powers 14.8 percent of smartphones, with 2 million published apps on the App store.
Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS had 47 percent of market share in 2007 but now, it only holds a tiny slice of 0.7 percent.
In its golden days, BlackBerry had captured a big portion of market share with 19.9 percent in 2009 but then bad days came. As of now, BlackBerry only has 0.2 of market share all over the world.
Nothing like these drastic shifts in the market-shares have ever been recorded. Leaders got declines while starters became the titans.

Number of Mobile App Developers

developers numbers
As of an IDC research, there were an estimated 29 million of ICT skilled workers over the world along with 11 million of professional mobile app developers in 2014. Apart from this, there were 7.5 million of hobbyist mobile app developers all over the world. An Evans Data’s research informs that among all developers, 8.7 million are those who are dedicated mobile app developers. Adding more to it, the Vision Mobile’s Developer Megatrends H1 2015 study  says that in current market, 0.8 million new developers join the industry every year.
As of an estimation of Appfigures, there were nearly 400 thousand Android app developers (individual publishers) versus 275 thousands iOS developers versus 50 thousands Amazon app developers at the end of 2014.

App Earning: Android Vs. iOS

app revenues
Android holds the largest marker share but not in terms of making revenue. As of App Annie’s reports for Q1 2016, App Store’s download gap had grown to 90 percent of Google Play’s revenues. It’s now generating 4x revenue per app vs. Android Google Play, which is leading OS powering 84.1% smartphone devices all over the world.

Mobile Manufacturers Globally: Top Five

World’s top five mobile device manufactures Samsung with 24.5 percent of a big market share, Apple holds 15.3 percent of share for its iPhone. Huawei holds a portion of 8.2 percent and Oppo has succeeded to slice a big piece of 5.5% in spite of being a new company. Vivo holds a good share of 4.3 percent as of Q1 2016 reports published by
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