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Hmm thinking of iOS apps… I am sure apps for playing games, watching movies or listening to music comes to your mind but I would like to stop you here for a minute and tell you that your iPhones, iPads and iPods have more use than only being used for watching movies and playing games. Don’t be shocked. Do you know iOS apps can be used in various operations such as payment processing, project management, presentation, web site tracking, managing contact, networking, document viewing & editing, time tracking, sales management?
There are many industry specific apps available in the market for professionals. These days more and more professionals want to use apps for productive enterprise-level work. Devices like iPads and iPhones are available in schools, universities, hospitals, offices and more. So now it is not a trend to show off your iOS powered devices but people tend to use it more often because they have the availability of specific applications that help them at their work place.
PlanGrid is a perfect example of industry specific iOS app. This app lets you store, view and mange blueprints on iPad. You can take note and share it from the field, and store data on cloud. It helps you to easily access blueprints in digital format and save time and money. There is no chance of mistakes when you always have updated blueprints.
Kitchen IQ is another excellent example of industry specific iOS app. If you are a restaurant professional, this app will provide you great help. The app lets you maintain operations in line with health standards and guidelines. It provides useful tips to avert the illnesses caused by food.
If you want an iOS app for tracking inventory, the best example is Stock Room. This app has been designed to assist storehouse managers who have to track item-inventories in stockrooms. One can take photos of items to be tracked, produce receipt of items into stock, and keep the log of items leaving the stock room, etc.
Mobile MIM, an industry specific app that is useful in the hospitals is used by medical professionals to view images from CT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasounds, PET, and SPECT scans as well.

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