iOS Apps Generated More Revenue Than Hollywood Movies in 2014

If the approach is right, software development, particularly iOS app development, can turn out to be a more lucrative business. The revenue made out of iOS apps (iPad and iPhone application development) can resemble, and even over the revenue of Tinseltown.
Yes, truth it truth. Last year’s earnings from iOS apps defeated the earnings of Hollywood. It’s of course surprising that a sector of millions of tiny software; each of them isn’t worth more than $1, actually earned more than Hollywood which’s a single product is worth of hundreds of millions. It happened last year.
iOS rocks! Even if market shares of iOS powered devices like iPhone and iPad are sinking and have been predicted to come down at single digit in near future, iPad and iPad application developments are making handsome money for their developers and even challenging the earnings of million-dollar movies.
This iOS-apps-Hollywood-movies comparison came out from Horace Debiu on his blog On his blog, he mentions iOS apps drew in more bucks last year than the movie business. In the beginning of this month, Apple announced that iPad and iPhone developers made as much as $10 billion in 2014. With
In comparison to 2008 and prior, when there was no significant mobile app business, today’s mobile application development industry, particularly iOS related apps, has turned out to be gigantic. Of course it’s extraordinary too.
That does not also mean that every iPad or iPhone developer is able to make good money. A handful of apps are good ones and rest are strugglers. According to VisionMobile, 50% of iOS developers and 64% of Android developers weigh in below the “app poverty line,”. The app poverty line means that a developer is making $500 per app per month.

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