iPhone 4S – Inbuilt Defective Software

It seems that Apple’s iPhone 4S is loaded with problems. Recently there was problem with the battery of the phone for which the company came up with a solution that would help the battery draining issue. The users need to update software that would help them resolving this problem. The low battery issue arrived due to the defective inbuilt settings software. When the user uses the “Setting Time Zone” function the time of the mobile is automatically set. As the location tracking application is running constantly the battery of the phone is drained out. The company has come up with software that would help in resolving the problem, it had a mixed response by the users. Some of them still feel that the software drains out the battery even more. Apart from these issues the latest software has many other issues as well like microphone failure, Wi-Fi signals being lost and more.
iphone 4S Development
Many users are trying to find out the solution for this issue from the company but till now there has been no response from Apple as they still trying to figure out what actually the problem is. A recent conducted survey revealed that when the battery is fully charged only after a mere 45 minutes of usage the battery comes down by 81%. The users all across the globe would love if the company would come up with solution or the users need to simply turn off the “Setting Time Zone” function to have more battery life. As of now the only option for the user sis to wait and see what Apple has to say about these defects and how they can overcome the same.

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