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Apple still lays hold of a big proportion of US smartphone market. Comscore.com informed that Apple had 41.7% market share for its smartphones at the ending of September this year.  Even if iPhone’s market share has been slipping year on year and was estimated just as 11.7% over the world, but its charms has not faded out so far. The recently launched two new iPhone smartphones further boosted Apple’ customer base.
151214-mainSo what encourages people to buy an iPhone? Apart from shiny packing, sophisticated hardware & software and super features, the credit of its popularity somehow goes to those programmers who have built a giant empire of apps for iPhone.  The App Store has more than 1.3 million apps, and unlike Android apps, iPhone apps are approved to store only if they meet Apple’s strict quality standards.
Many people mean the process of iPhone application development to merely build gaming or entertainment apps.  But it is more than that.  When the technology of iPhone application development came into existence, it was largely aimed at common users.  But now it is shifting to the business segment too.  Many things have changed since Apple introduced iPhone application development technology to the world of software development.
iPhone apps have got a considerable place in various regular business-related internal and external activities.  And many businesses only have iPhone apps as their online presence and they are in fact growing.  There is no doubt these apps are good for serious business.
What we see today in mobile software development industry is purely the gift of Apple Inc.  We should thank to this company for its contribution in consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers.
Nowadays designing, development and deployment of apps for iOS powered devices such as iPhone and iPad has become an organized business.  There are many firms in the mobile software domain to get iPhone app built for gaming, entertainment, business, news, social networking, inventory management, sales & marketing, accounts & finance, enterprise mobility etc.
Apple has sensed the potentiality of its mobile platform.  The company has taken its OS to a level where common users do not feel the need of PC for general purpose computing requirements.  It also keeps refining the mobile OS and rectifying the problem areas.  The new version of iOS mostly comes with tens of new features.  The company has also been providing great development support since it has allowed third party app builders to create apps for its platform.

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