Is Android the best OS for Mobile Game development?

When it comes to gaming, it has a direct connection with creativity. Mobile gaming has just boomed with the popularity of Android mobile OS. Google’s application framework allows mobile developers to use a code again and again, and make its substitute as well. Compared to iOS, Android OS is the best place for gamers and so for developers as well.

Google’s Android mobile OS dominates the global market with 50% share. The openness of Android is a plus to it’s developers, as Google is quite more lenient with their store. This clemency in policy opens doors for more choices. A major part of top gaming corporations have already launched their games on this platform. Disney and Ubisoft are two of them.
Coming towards developers view, Google’s SDK provides lots of tools to developers that enhances the efficiency of testing part. Android is just a new platform right now but yet it’s improving and getting better with each release. For instance, it’s for the first time ever in mobile device’s history that Adobe’s Flash Player is supported by the last Android release.
So the tech-war is getting hot, and Android has quietly moved on the top by now. Let’s see where the war ends….

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