Is iPhone still big bully!

How further? Nexus One smartphone is Google’s first hardware foray. It is really a good news for world’s gadget lovers. No doubt, the innovative technology of this smartphone reveals its high-end features.

Now, it is obviously expected that Apple would face questions over whether Nexus One threaten iPhone.  Apple’s iPhone has so far set the standard in the industry of smartphone devices. Google’s device seems to be a rival to the iPhone that would keep Apple on its toe.

It is true that the launch of a branded Google’s device has marked a huge turnaround. On the other hand any release of technology devices could be yet another boon to other high-end devices. So the smartphone market would keep reinventing itself.

So now the peak is to be noted that how further can Apple take challenge? Is Nexus One a threat to the iPhone? In a single word, we as the Mobile Application Developer can say, no. These two smartphones are aimed at two different markets. iPhone has stylish, flamboyant consumers while Nexus One is being aimed at a geekier audience.

There are a few aspects where Google Nexus One beats iPhone. Nexus One has a bigger screen, a faster processor, a more powerful camera and a better OS. From the point of Memory power of the device, it is the time for iPhone to brush up its memory a bit.

Last point is Google itself where brand value does matter to the audience! It can be expected that people would choose the brand as an uncompromising kind and therefore Google’s device could be then something which people would like to grab at all.

Let’s wait and see where market leads!

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