Is the iPad what consumers are looking for?

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It is true that professionals are certainly looking for a portable touch-screen computer. The Netbook was so far the best device among all consuming digital media. Next came Apple’s iPad to spell the death of Netbook, some people say. But in others concern, Apple’s iPad isn’t quite what the users were looking for.

According to a survey conducted by SoftwareAdvice, only 34% of 178 healthcare professionals were “very likely” to purchase a tablet in the near future. The survey was released right after the release of SDk of iPad. But ultimately the iPad device’s specification list could not show what they wanted from such a device.

For the healthcare professionals, a wide selection of medical software, resistance to water and dust, a fingerprint scanner, and voice-to-text dictation etc are necessary on a day-to-day basis. But Apple’s new entry could not achieve their satisfaction. Most importantly, iPad has no logical answer if the device drops into the water, if it is left in a dusty environment for too long…

If we think of general consumers, it appears that they aren’t entirely satisfied with iPad into the tablet market. There are some drawbacks of iPad. It does not support multitasking. As it is a fingerprint magnet, it looks grimy after a few minutes of use. If users use it as an e-Book reader, it can be difficult for them if they hold it like a book for longer period. had also surveyed before and after the launch of Apple’s new entry. They show 26% people have no interest in purchasing the device, although they already heard about the rumours of the device. According to information out of Cupertino, Apple sold around 300,000 iPads on the day of its launch. Market analysts are saying that iPad is just for consuming contents for fun while netbook helps making content for work.

We may get different result after few days, but it is interesting to that such high numbers of people are showing little or no interest in the Apple’s iPad.

But the device is not a flop by any means. We hope, iPad would occupy to spot pretty comfortably in the market.

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