iTunes app for Android?

Rumors are always surprising but this one that Apple is considering about making an iTunes app for Android platform, can also be shocking for both iOS device users and iPad & iPhone application developers.  So is it really true? Well, if new reports are believed, Apple may launch an iTunes app for Android devices to battle with decreasing digital music downloads.
Apart from this, other rumors say that Apple also has plans to transform iTunes in order to keep the platform in the latest trend-flow. The company is believed to reportedly explore the idea of creating subscription based model as followed by Spotify and Google Play Music.

This may also be unpleasing news for some intensely loyal iPhone and iPad users as they pay more for using Apple-standard services, but these moves of the company would probably make iTunes’ music available for everyone.
Experts believe that if Apple launches iTunes and introduces subscription based model like Spotify and Google Play, these steps would be rather natural steps to walk side by side with others in the market.
There are no official announcement by the company that whether these developments will really take place or not but, passing rumors to people are also necessary because Apple is already controlling more than 40 percent revenue in the music market of United States.
Other group of experts suggests that Apple’s move to promote its products on other platforms is totally counterintuitive. They see it as an effect of Android’s rapidly growing sales in comparison of the ailing market share of Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. Also, experts believe that such a move is going to be an admission of Apple’s defeat in long run.
These rumors are also becoming exclusive, particularly when Apple’s present CEO Tim Cook, when responding to the question that whether Apple would consider making apps for Android, said last year that “we have no religious issue with doing that”.
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