What is JQuery Mobile based mobile application development?

Based on JavaScript framework, JQuery Mobile has become popular in mobile app development industry domain for a range of smart devices like phones, tablets etc. Mobile app developers are using this touch-optimized platform in creating all variety of applications. Also, JQuery has been already attracting mobile developers because it is well-matched with other platforms including PhoneGap and many others.

jquery mobile

The technologies used in JQuery Mobile for creating apps include CSS3 and HTML5 that are by now used in developments of website and web applications. With these two web technologies, developers have facility to use a single codebase to create multiple versions of an app. This framework comes with a range of themes and plug-ins which mobile developers can use to devise apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone with enhanced user experience.
Here are the top features of JQuery Mobile framework.  

  • It has built in JQuery and developers can easily learn to use its JQuery Syntax.
  • Apps devised using this platform provide support to all major operating systems like Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, WebOS, Symbian, Bada, MeeGo. Also, it supports all HTML-friendly devices and almost all the popular browsers.
  • Layout pages remain based on HTML5 with minimum requirement of scripting.
  • It provides all the core functionalities for mobile, tablet and web apps.
  • With using a simple API, it is easy to support touch, mouse, and cursor focused features.
  • With touch-optimized, theme-able control, developers can easily use plug-ins to enhance native controls.
  • Its powerful theme framework lets mobile developers easily customize colors and CSS aspects with respect of UI features. This helps mobile developers succeed in creating highly-quality user experience for every app.

Now, a number of mobile application development companies have added JQuery Mobile based app development to their service range. They use it because the code generated using it remains light in weight. Its reason is that the foundation of JQuery is based on JQuery and JQuery UI.
It is acutely a good tool for cross platform mobile application development projects. Apart from mobile platform, JQuery Framework also covers desktop platforms and in this way, mobile developers can use it for designing and developing desktop based applications too.
Cross platform mobile app development is now trendiest approach as it helps businesses have multi-platform versions of a single app with keeping the whole cost of project to bottom. JQuery Mobile, in this sequence, is an efficient platform for simply and rapidly deploying a mobile app to multiple numbers of platforms.

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