The key challenge to come in the way building business apps

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Businesses, regardless of what industry they belong to, need apps. Many of them want apps to reach more customers while others to aid their employees delivering more productivity out of routine tasks. Some businesses need apps to provide better customer-care services while others need apps to make field operations simpler.
So businesses are looking for apps for a variety of purposes. Apps help them have better engagement with customers along with helping management teams and employees who can handle several things more effectively.
On the other hand, mobile app development is a big challenge in itself. It takes a lot of efforts to come out with an app that can really make a difference to a business.
The mobile app development is a quite resource-intensive and expensive task. I also include other challenges such as getting apps to work across multiple devices and operating systems along with resolving back-end integration related issues.
These challenges are the key hurdles slowing down the rate of app development. We can see a clear impact of these challenges in a report of Gartner. It says that more than a quarter of enterprises all over the world have not built, customized or virtualized any of mobile apps in last one year. Here are the top challenges affecting the mobile app development for businesses.

Shortage of required skills and in result, the development progresses slowly

shortage of skills
Not all companies do have required skills and thus their app development project suffers and often time, the project is concluded quite slowly.  Even professional app developers want time from six months to a year to build and implement business apps.
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The process of development is too costly to afford

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As of EMM survey , more than 75% of the enterprise has budgeted more than $250,000 for the implementation of mobile app solutions. For many small-medium enterprises, the amount of money is unaffordable.

There are issues in integrations

integration issues
Another big challenge faced by most of the businesses is to create apps for multiple device vendors. If it’s an iOS app, for example, you will need to make it for iPhone and iPad. If it’s an app for Android devices, you will need to customize it for dozens of types of screen-sizes. Windows Phone powered devices have significant market share and, you will need a separate app for them if you want to cover this segment too.

Confusion between choosing Web, Hybrid or Native development approaches

confusion between choosing between native, web and hyrbid
This confusion still exists and in most cases, it’s hard for both developers and the app-owner to decide an app development approach that will best suit their business and also, conclude the app in fixed budget.

Database integration and synchronization

database integration
Smooth integration and synchronization of apps with data is also a challenge to be tackled in every app development. Without excellent integration of apps with its databases, requests are likely to fail.
Mentioning this point in the last doesn’t mean it has less worth. In fact, data integration is one big challenge that every app developer has to deal with to come up with a quality app.

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