Key Facts That Entrepreneurs Should Know About Mobile App Development

mobile app development

The mobile app ecosystem is proving to be quite promising. Its significance cannot be disregarded at all. Today, either you, as a user, are a businessman, employee, or a customer, you have a variety of things to do with the smart mobility. Undoubtedly, apps have made computing simple.

But apps, on the other hand, are hitting app stores at such a rapid pace as many developers are clueless about wrong and right approaches to the mobile app development. They try everything falling in their way and, this is where they are lacking.

Learning phase for a developer with 7 or 8 years in mobile app development experience hasn’t ended yet. The new user-experience, device features, domains, and functions keep emerging and so there is the need of better app development techniques that can help developers deal with newer implementations.

Thank god solutions exist together with problems. Many entrepreneurs, who have just entered the market with their mobile app ventures, aren’t aware of most of these things:

No app is free of bug!

A bug-free app does no just exist! It’s practically not feasible. The reason is that developing a bug free app is neither economically viable nor there is the need of doing so until the app does not handle mission-critical operations.

There are several dependencies of an app on mobile devices that come in more than one makes, with out of control platforms , and libraries & third party APIs which are also not bug free.

You will need tightening several loose-ends to make an app free of bugs. But it will simply be not possible, neither in terms of money, nor time wise. Now, if you too are focusing on coming up with an app that ha no issue, you are, in fact, wasting a lot of your resources.

Success is not by luck. It takes efforts.

There are similar fundamentals applied when you either create a tool or an app. Both solve a problem they are made for. Before you begin with your mobile application development, you must intensely know what exactly the problem is. Do the problem you have, is also the problem of users you want to create the app for?

Many entrepreneurs fail to decide what actually the problem is that the app will solve.

If you fail to recognize how big your problem is, you will also fail to attain the desired success. Don’t undervalue the app business. And users do not accept anything you offer them.

If you fail to discover the problem and don’t learn everything about the user behavior than you will also not be able to make a successful app. When such apps are created and downloaded by users, they receive immediate uninstall and, of course, lots of negative reviews, too.

Adding best of the features does not guarantee success

Success will not come by adding lots of features to your app; particularly if users are already using your competitors’ apps. A reason of failure is that you irrationally overvalue an app while users overvalue apps they are already using. It’s hard to make any profit from your app idea until you don’t have time, better features, and functions than existing apps. You have no way to convince users. They are free to decide which apps is the best

Small start can give you a big lead

Success will not be easy if you are entering a market where large players already exist. In fact, you should always enter narrow markets with no hard competition. If you are the first to get there, you may get good response, too.

There are several other things this post cannot address. There may be industry or domain specific requirements limiting the usability of apps. But once you succeed to address them, the app would succeed to satisfy users.

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