The Key Features Of A Mobile ERP System For Schools

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Schools too need based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to simplify and automate a lot of their administrative processes. An ERP app is an excellent way for schools to systematically manage and organize themselves. Here are the top of the features that can be added to a mobile app development for school’s ERP system.
locationBus Tracking 
The app can be featured with location tracking which will aid both school and parents. Tracking the bus-traveling will show up in real time, on a map in the app.
paymentPayment of fees
This feature will help both school and parents making payment of fees easier than ever before. Schools will be able to send fee-payment schedule, slips of paid fee, notifications of upcoming and reminders of pending fees.
diarySchool Diary
This feature will aid students to stay informed with homework, fees, results, events and various other things. Parents can keep tabs on school diary and guide their kids to go by the schedule or programs set by the school or teachers.
With this feature schools would be able to show up photos, videos and live video feed of various events. Students would have access to the gallery through the app.

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calendarSchool Calendar
Students can access the school calendar to get updates about academic, examination, festivals, holidays and various other cultural and religious events. Schools will need to define every event falling in their calendar year.
This features can be added to publish various results related to examination, assessment and assignments and allied activities.
School can put their entire library online to help students access various books and references online, anytime, anywhere. The access can be open or on the basis of credentials as per the requirements
This will help both students and parents to track attendance of schools.
id-cardID card automation
An ERP can also be featured with ID card to automate the attendance of students.
loginEmployee and teacher login
Secure and personalized login for every employee and teacher to let them do their tasks proficiently, depending on the privileges assigned as per their roles.
course-batchesCourse and batches
In case the EPR system is created for a college or institute, it can be configured to manage multiple courses and batches as per the process or system.
resourcsHuman Resources
With ERP schools can record and organize the details of their employee to quickly access information and effectively manage things like payroll, leaves, attendance, etc.
messageMessaging System
The ERP app for schools can be created with an inbuilt messaging system for quick and easy communication between students, parents and school. It can act as reminder system by sending users with prompt reminders of various happenings.
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