KiK Messenger for Symbian users now!

Finally, KiK which is a cross-platform messaging app has been launched on Symbian. After iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone now, it’s time for Symbian users to explore this app.
The problem with many of today’s messaging apps (or voice apps, video chat apps, social apps, etc.) is that you’re expected to use them with others, but the app doesn’t run on one or two platforms. But now you have a great new app to try by the name of KiK. You can check out the app from the Ovi store.
CEO of KiK says Symbian apps was a “logical next step” after Blackberry devices. According to him, if you think of changing the way of communication then you can’t avoid Symbian users. So for the Symbian users here comes the improved group texting, sent, delivered, and received receipts, notifications to indicate when someone is typing, support for photo sharing, and the ability to locate your contacts who already using Kik.

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