Kindle fire eats away Samsung’s tablet share in the US

When it comes to an Android tablet, no company could have made its brand popular so far. Samsung, for some time, emerged as a major player in Android tablet market, but now the game has changed with the launch of Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Yes, it is Kindle Fire by Amazon that is eating away Samsung’s share in the US. The disclosure came from the leading market research firm comScore. Kindle Fire has just spent a half year from its launch but it has grabbed a whopping 54.4 percent of the U.S market. Samsung, the biggest smartphone maker, appears to be upset with 15.4 percent market share and same is the case with Motorola Xoom who could carve only 7 percent market share for itself. Others have shares that are either too small or negligible.
Between the period of December 2011 and February 2012, except Amazon’s Kindle Fire, shares of other brands like Samsung, Motorola, etc. have been regularly shrinking in tablet market. When looking at the statistics provided by comScore, Kindle Fire has eaten considerable share from all the other players in the market. BlackBerry’s PlayBook tablets, once hyped for their support to Android apps, do not even make a place in the listing.
According to the report, Amazon has almost doubled its market share and left Samsung far behind in the tablet race. It may be an embarrassing situation for Samsung, the leader in mobile phone manufacturing, to have single-digit share in the tablet market. It is also a bad news for Android as the OS in Kindle Fire is highly customized and people are buying the device because it doesn’t look like an Android powered tablet. For now, it appears that the entire tablet market has become a two-polar market; one is headed by Apple’s iPad way and another towards Amazon’s Kindle Fire. For others, the time ahead is full of struggles….

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