Know everything about mobile application – Types, Process, and Cost

Mobile technology has completely changed in the past couple of years. We are witnessing an unbelievable growth in the mobile market. All credit goes to smartphones and apps. With the increasing demand of smartphones, the demand for mobile application is also increasing. Today, the mobile application development has turned into a multi-million dollar business with showing now sign of stopping anytime soon. This post tries to answer three key questions about the mobile application development–process, costs, types etc.

How many types of mobile applications are there?

Native Applications: These applications are platform dependent applications written in a specific language, like Java, Kotlin, Objective C or Swift. They are reliable, fast, and powerful, but they have their own limitations. Because they support specific devices, developers need to optimize their applications for more than one device-type.

Web-Based Applications: These applications are basically websites optimized for mobile-viewing and developed with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Unlike native apps, they support a variety of mobile devices, the development of application using web-based platform is easy. But again, the major drawback of these applications is that they require internet. They don’t work without it.

Hybrid Applications: Hybrid apps are the blend of native and web-based technologies. This blend provides them all the qualities of native and web. They are platform-independent. The look and feel of these applications is good but their performance is not up the the mark when compared with native apps.

Categories of applications available:

Games: It is considered as one of the richest categories with diverse range of games available for the iPhone as well as Android platforms. They come loaded with exciting features and functionalities like 3D-feature, realistic graphics etc. These mobile applications have all the features to keep you glued to them.

Application with basic functionality: They are the application developed for basic usage like accessing emails, calendar etc. Click on the application and a whole new list is generated to choose from. These applications are suitable for small business individuals looking for a simple mobile app.

Application with custom driven database: They are the app that is more than a basic application; they are dependent on the data and development process comprises of complexities. Applications like Facebook, Twitter, e-commerce etc. are custom driven database application.

Application that modifies certain functionality: They are the application that modifies certain functionality like Camera, flash or alarms.

Process of mobile application development process:

The Idea: The first thing in any mobile application development process is the idea that comes into your mind.

Planning out the design: When decided with the idea, the then next phase is designing the application layout.

Development of the app: In this most crucial phase, an idea is turned into reality. When the app is developed, it goes through the process of testing on simulators and in real conditions ensuring proper functioning of all the features.

Deployment of the app: Once the development & testing completes, your application is ready to go live in the stores.

How much a mobile application development going to cost?

Because every mobile app is unique with its unique prerequisites features and functionality, the cost of end product varies accordingly.

Basic functionality application – A basic table based application would cost you around $1000- $4000.

Database Based App – Theses projects are heavy because they have their own dedicated database. They will cost you around $8000- $50,000.

Gaming Application – Gaming application development includes heavy graphics, sounds, lots of math, and physics engine. Even a normal racing gaming application development includes the use of gyroscope. It may cost around $10,000 to $250,000.

Why should I hire a mobile application developer?

Mobile application development is not as easy as it sounds. It requires proper planning, technical skills, height of creativity and a clear understanding about the mobile application development process.




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